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SLP Torrijos conducts Skills Training on Basket Weaving

TORRIJOS, MARINDUQUE — The Sustainable Livelihood Program conducted a skills training on bag weaving last August 6-10, 2018. The Sibuyao Little Baguio SLP Association, one of the SLPAs in the municipality, together with some non-members, participated in the activity.

In collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry – Negosyo Center, Local Government Unit of Torrijos, and Barangay LGU of Sibuyao, the objective of the training was to give additional knowledge and skills to the participants, and train them to improve the quality of their products.

The SLPA demand for baskets is perceived to be higher these days due to the strict enforcement of plastic ban ordinance in the municipality.


Fatima Concepcion, Project Development Officer II, Marinduque

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DSWD Kalahi CIDSS Conducted Thematic CDD Pre-Engagement Consultation Workshop for LGUs

Pasig City, Metro Manila- The Local Chief Executives of the town of Araceli, Cagayancillo, and Magsaysay, Palawan; Banton, Calatrava, and Looc, Romblon; Gloria, Oriental Mindoro; and Sablayan Occidental Mindoro attended the DSWD Kalahi CIDSS MIMAROPA’s Pre-Engagement Consultation Workshop with the Local Government Units on Thematic Community-Driven Developmet (CDD) Pilot Project Implementation last July 17-19, 2018 at the Linden Suites in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

The Thematic CDD is a new pilot project of DSWD Kalahi CIDSS wherein the LGUs will select a concept based on their development plans in which they will incorporate the process of CDD to the chosen theme that they will implement.

Hon. Noel Beronio of Araceli, Palawan, Hon. Rommel Dela Torre of Magsaysay, Palawan, Hon. Joseph Fadri of Banton Romblon, Hon. Marieta Babera of Calatrava, Romblon; Hon. Leila Arboleda of Looc, Romblon; Hon. German ROdegerio of Gloria, Oriental Mindoro; and Hon. Eduardo Gadiano of Sablayan Occidental Mindoro attended the said activity together with their LGU delegations which consist of Sangguniang Bayan member for Appropriations, Association of Barangay Captain President, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer, and the Municipal Area Coordinator.

The three-day activity provided a comprehensive orientation on Thematic CDD and has also discussed and aswered the queries and concerns of the LGUs regarding its implementation of the Thematic CDD and the concepts selected by LGUs to implement in their municipalities.

Engr. Marvin Trillana discussed the Participatory WASH implementation of Cagayancillo

On the first day, Regional Community Development Specialist (RCDS) Ma. Claire Panganiban presented the Thematic CDD and its

implementation timeline. RCDS Panganiban presented the three main themes that the LGUs can gear their concepts to: Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Sustainable Livelihood, and Sustainable Eco-Tourism. Afterwards, the LGUs, together with the Area Coordinators planned and discuss among themsel

ves the possible concepts that they will implement in their town.

On the morning of the second day, three resource speakers where invited to provide inputs on Sustainable Livelihood and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. Mr. Louie Mencias, Training Director of Blue Water Consultancy

discussed and provided his expert inputs on community based eco-tourism and sustainable livelihood. More so, Miss Jing Ocampo from Compassion International and Mr. Marvin Trillana, Community Infrastructure Officer of Palawan Cluster, discussed and shared their expertise on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management.



Hon. Noel Beronio discusses to the plenary their Thematic CDD concept on DRRM geared on community resiliency

The LGUs sat with their team and with the DSWD Kalahi CIDSS consultants and with the invited resource speakers to polish their concept notes. On the morning of July 19, the LGUs presented the Thematic CDD concepts they have agreed to implement:

  • DRRM geared towards community resiliency: Araceli and Magsaysay, Palwan and Banton Romblon
  • DRRM geared on community solid waste management: Gloria, Oriental Mindoro and Sablayan
  • Community-based Participatory WASH implementation: Cagayancillo, Palawan
  • Sustainable Livelihood through Community-based Eco-tourism: Calatrava, Romblon

The concepts presented by the LGU were yet to be approved by the National Program Management Office of Kalahi CIDSS.

After the presentation of the concepts, the LGUs signed their commitment to a more inclusive and participatory local governance through the used of Kalahi CIDSS’ CDD strategy.

Community-Driven Development is a strategy used by DSWD Kalahi CIDSS to ensure that the development priorities of a community are addressed in an inclusive, participatory, collective, and demand driven way. This is done through localized decision-making during social preparation activities and in the identification, development, prioritization, establishment, and operationalization of community projects. This strategy aims to empower the community, reduce local poverty, and promote good local governance. It also encourages volunteerism and bayanihan by encouraging people to get involved and work hand-in-hand with their LGUs towards the development of their community.

Through time since its inception, DSWD Kalahi CIDSS MIMAROPA encourages local government units in the MIMAROPA region to adopt/institutionalize the CDD strategy in their governance strategy.



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Romblon, 1st provincial gov’t in MIMAROPA to receive DSWD list of poor

Romblon provincial government officials received the copy of Listahanan database. (L-R) Evaluation Officer Cynthia Fetalino, Listahanan Coordinator Ernie Jarabejo, Governor Eduardo Firmalo, Executive Assistant Louie Firmalo, Provincial Social Welfare Officer Vilma Fos, and Listahanan Statistician Jennel Maquiñana.

ODIONGAN- Romblon Governor Eduardo Firmalo received the Listahanan list of identified poor households in this province from Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) MIMAROPA on Tuesday, July 10, 2018.

Romblon is the first recipient among the five provincial governments regionwide of the said Listahanan database.

Listahanan is a mechanism that identifies who and where the poor are. In Romblon, 20,777 poor households are identified as poor according to the 2015 household assessment.

The data sharing aims to establish a systematic way of sharing data and information of poor households as a basis for selecting potential beneficiaries of various local social protection programs.

 “Now that we have the database from the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction now Listahanan, we have the baseline data that can be used in our programs intended for the poor,” said Governor Firmalo.

The provincial government of Romblon has won the DSWD Gawad Listahanan in 2014 and 2015, an award that is given to local government units recognizing their efforts in the implementation of local social protection programs using Listahanan list of poor.

Listahanan result was used as a reference for the HEART program which focuses on Health, Education, Agriculture, Revenues, Resource Generation, Tourism and Transparency to combat the effects of poverty in the province of Romblon.

“Because of this [Listahanan] data, we are guided for our targets since 2011, and that’s a big accomplishment of the provincial government,” added Firmalo.

The governor also is hopeful for the positive results as the new list is of poor in the province is revealed so that proper interventions will be implemented to uplift their well-being.

Provincial Government of Romblon complied all provisions in the DSWD data sharing guidelines, a mechanism to safeguard the information of poor households. This in compliance with the Data Privacy Act that protects individual personal and personal sensitive information.###

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DSWD MIMAROPA turns over Listahanan list of poor to Puerto Galera LGU

(L-R) LGU designated Personal Information Processor Zherwin M. Atienza,   Listahanan Coordinator Ernie Jarabejo, VM Marlon Lopez, Data Protection Officer Aily Cobarrubias, Listahanan Statistician Jennel Maquiñana, and Compliance Officer to Privacy Eileen Alfante.

PUERTO GALERA- After complying with all requirements in the new Listahanan data sharing guidelines, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) MIMAROPA turned over the Listahanan list of poor households to the local government unit (LGU) of Puerto Galera on Wednesday.

The copy of the list was received by the town’s Vice Mayor Marlon Lopez.
Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro is the first LGU regionwide to receive the Listahanan database based on the 2015 assessment.
“This [Listahanan] database is a great help in the implementation of our local programs for the poor,” said Vice Mayor Lopez.

According to this list, out of 6,615 poor households assessed in this municipality, 1,659 or 25.1% are identified as poor.

Listahanan is a mechanism to identify who and where the poor are and serves as a basis for the selection of government pro-poor programs.###

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DSWD advocates Listahanan data sharing to Marinduque LGUs

(L) LGU officials in Buenavista Marindque (R) Marinduque Provincial Government officials.

BOAC- The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) MIMAROPA held series of orientation on Data Privacy Act (DPA) as part of the mandatory Listahanan data sharing agreements to local government units (LGUs) in Marinduque.

Listahanan is a government mechanism that identifies who and where the poor are nationwide, where the result of the 2015 nationwide household assessment is available and accessible to social protection stakeholders.

“With the passage of the data privacy act, DSWD established a systematic way of sharing data to safeguard personal and sensitive personal information of households in the Listahanan list,” said Regional Coordinator Ernie H. Jarabejo.

RA 10173 or Data Privacy Act of 2012 protects individual personal information stored in the information and communications systems of government and private sectors. It aims to protect the fundamental human right to privacy while ensuring a free flow of information to promote innovation and growth.

For requests covering personal information e.g. list of names and addresses of Listahanan identified poor, the Memorandum of Agreement between the stakeholder and the DSWD is required, added Jarabejo.

However, for the statistical data request, a Letter to the DSWD enumerating the data needed and its purpose is required.

Also in this act, stakeholders requesting access to the list of poor are required to designate Data Protection Officer who shall plan, implement, and evaluate policies for data privacy and security, Jarabejo concluded.

The DPA orientations were attended by office heads of the Marinduque Provincial Government and Municipal Government of Buenavista.

To date, the local government of Boac has successfully complied with all requirements in the Listahanan data sharing among the six municipalities in Marinduque.

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Municipality of Sablayan Successfully Conducted Pamumunong Makamasa Activity

Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro—As a celebration of the 4th National Community Driven Development month this June, DSWD Kalahi CIDSS MIMAROPA together with the LGU of Sablayan conducted an activity called “Pamumunong Makamasa” this June 26, 2018 in the town of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. The activity aimed to show the close coordination of the community and the LGU of Sablayan and to discuss the effectiveness of using the CDD strategy of Kalahi CIDSS in local governance.

Different department heads of Sablayan that constitutes the Municipal-Inter Agency Committee (MIAC) including Mayor Eduardo Gadiano, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator Muriel Reguinding, Municipal Engineer Alfredo Sarona, Budget Officer Fe Santos and community volunteers of Kalahi CIDSS Barnagay Sub-Project Management Committee (BSPMC) Chairperson Chritian Pedrozo, Project Implementation Team (PIT) head Carmela Marisga, and Brgy. Treasurer Gina Obtinalla participated in the activity.

The MIAC heads coached their community volunteer counterparts on their daily tasks as department heads. Municipal Engineer Sarona oriented PIT head Marisga on the daily tasks of a municipal engineer and taught her tips on how to effectively monitor and finish project implementation. According to Miss Marisga after their coaching session, “Napakahirap pala ng ginagawa ng municipal engineer at mas lalo ko na appreciate yung pag pagiging hands-on nya at pag sangguni sa amin sa tuwing nag paplano sa barangay.”

Hon. Eduardo Gadiano sign his pledge to support the campaign towards institutionalization of the CDD process.

A Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was conducted after the activity wherein they shared the lessons they have learned from their counterparts. Mayor Gadiano shared his thoughts as he said in the discussion “kayang ma institutionalize ang proseso ng CDD sa kahit anong class ng munisipyo kung gugustuhin ng LGU dahil yung proseso ng participative process ay mahalaga para matukoy talaga yung pangangailangan ng isang bayan.” The discussion was proceeded with a signature campaign to adopt and institutionalize CDD on local governance in MIMAROPA.

Community-Driven Development is a strategy used by DSWD Kalahi CIDSS to ensure that the development priorities of a community are addressed in an inclusive, participatory, collective, and demand driven way. This is done through localized decision-making during social preparation activities and in the identification, development, prioritization, establishment, and operationalization of community projects. This strategy aims to empower the community, reduce local poverty, and promote good local governance. It also encourages volunteerism and bayanihan by encouraging people to get involved and work hand-in-hand with their LGUs towards the development of their community.

Through time since its inception, DSWD Kalahi CIDSS MIMAROPA encourages local government units in the MIMAROPA region to adopt/institutionalize the CDD strategy in their governance strategy. The Municipality of Sablayan is one of the first municipalities in the country and the pioneer in MIMAROPA to institutionalize the principles of CDD in their governance and development strategy.


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DSWD records thousands of poor working children in MIMAROPA

MALATE, Manila- The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) MIMAROPA has recorded 9,521 poor working children aged 5-17 years old regionwide according to the 2015 Listahanan household assessment.

In Oriental Mindoro, 2,304 working children belong to poor households were identified; 2,393 in Occidental Mindoro; 642 in Marinduque; 747 in Romblon; and 3,435 in Palawan.

From the number identified, 15.9 % (1,519) are farmers; 12.5% (1,186) are fisherfolks; and 0.98% (93) are forestry workers.

In MIMAROPA, the top three municipalities with high cases of working children are San Jose, Occidental Mindoro with 456 children; Brooke’s Point, Palawan with 420; and Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro with 411.

The assessment further revealed that from the poor working children, 69.6% are male and 30.4 % are female.

The department continues advocating to stop the illegal employment of children and report cases of child labors in MIMAROPA.

Listahanan of the DSWD is a government mechanism that identifies who and where the poor are nationwide. It is a comprehensive database serves as the basis for selecting government pro-poor program beneficiaries.

June 12 is recognized as the World Day Against Child Labour.  Child labor is work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential, and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development.###

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SLP, EEI Corporation nagsagawa ng Local Recruitment Activity sa Oriental Mindoro

ORIENTAL MINDORO – Kamakailan lamang, ang Sustainable Livelihood Program ay nagsagawa ng Local Recruitment Activity sa Calapan, Pinamalayan, at Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro nitong ika-29 hanggang ika-31 ng Mayo taong 2018.

Sa pakikipag-ugnayan ni Ginang Marites Pones, Private Sector Partnerships Officer ng rehiyon ng MiMaRoPa, ang kumpanyang EEI Corporation ay bumaba sa mga nasabing munisipyo upang magsagawa ng on-the-spot hiring sa mga aplikante. Ilan sa mga trabahong inalok ng kumpanya ay nasa linya ng konstruksyon tulad ng Masonry, Carpentry, at Tile Setting.

Apatnapu’t walong aplikante sa kabuuan ang natanggap at agad na pinag-asikaso ng mga kinakailangang dokumento upang makumpleto ang proseso. Sila ay nakatakdang ipadala sa Maynila at makatatanggap ng minimum wage na Php 512.00 kada araw, Overtime Pay, at benepisyo mula sa SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, at iba pa.

“Natutuwa ako kasi marami na akong experience sa pagma-mason at magagamit ko ito sa trabaho. Pagkatapos nito, pupunta na ako ngayon sa SSS para asikasuhin ‘yung mga requirements ko,” sambit ni Rolando Molina, kauna-unahang aplikante na natanggap sa Masonry.

Katutubong Mangyan ng Bongabong 

Isa sa mga prayoridad ng EEI Corporation na mabigyan ng trabaho ay ang mga miyembro ng Indigenous Peoples sa Pilipinas. Sa katunayan, dalawa sa tatlong katutubong Mangyan na dumalo sa aktibidad ang natanggap upang sumailalim sa pagsasanay.

Sina Mawin Daway, Aytag Yagam-ay, at Altan Angguman ay mga katutubong Mangyan na naninirahan sa Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro. Sila ay magkaka-baryo na ang pangunahing hanapbuhay ay pagtatanim ng saging at kamote sa kabundukan. “Nahihirapan kami sa salapi. Kulang ang kinikita namin,” tugon ni Mawin nang tanungin kung ano ang nag-udyok sa kanya na pumunta sa recruitment. Kwento ni Mawin ay kumikita lamang siya ng limandaan kada buwan at kung minsan pa nga ay dalawampung piso lamang kung natutuyo ang mga saging dahil sa init ng panahon.

Si Aytag naman, 25 anyos, ay nagbaka-sakali lamang na matanggap upang mapagamot ang kanyang ina. “Gusto ko lang po na mapagamot si nanay kasi may TB (tuberculosis) siya,” sambit ni Aytag.

“Kung makakapag-aral, pangarap ko po sana sa buhay ay matulungan ang aking tatlong kapatid. Nagtatanim din sila tapos nahihirapan,” ani Angguman, 22 anyos, nang tanungin kung ano ang pangarap nito sa buhay.

Si Mawin at Angguman ay natanggap upang sumailalim sa dalawampu’t anim na araw na pagsasanay bago sumabak sa trabaho. Hindi man pinalad na makuha dahil sa kapansanan sa paglalakad, si Aytag ay pursigido pa din na makahanap ng trabaho kaya naman mag-iikot pa siya sa munisipyo upang humanap ng oportunidad.

Katuwang na Kawani

Kinikilala ng Public Employment Service Office (PESO) ng Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro ang kahalagahan ng pagdaraos ng mga serbisyong pag-eempleyo. “Sa halip na lumuwas para mag-apply sa Maynila, lumalapit na ang employer at nalalaman agad ang mga problemang maaaring harapin ng mga aplikante kaya mas madali na ang proseso,” sambit ni Ginoong Lowell Anastacio, PESO Manager ng Mansalay.

Ang EEI corporation ay isa sa mga kilala at nangungunang kumpanya sa linya ng konstruksyon sa Pilipinas. Sila ay matatagpuan sa 12 Manggahan, Bagumbayan, Lungsod Quezon, 1110 Kalakhang Maynila.

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