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Balancing a Flourishing Economy and the People

Home to indigenous tribe Pala’wan, the municipality of Brooke’s Point is one of the emerging municipalities in the south. With its rapid development, the local government preserves the environment through a mining moratorium. The local citizens are one of the staunch advocates of environmental protection.

The municipality’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, particularly rice and coconut production. For the past two years, the agriculture industry continues to grow. This eventually resulted to the creation of large number of job opportunities related to agriculture.

Among the projects of Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) through the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) in the province, this town invests into agro-industry with their vast and developed agricultural lands. Due to the fast-paced development of this town, there are factors such as income, skills, employment, and social insurance which are not equally proportionate to their booming economy.

Addressing the needs

To address this concern, a partnership between different government agencies – DSWD-SLP, MLGU and a private company called WILSERV had inked an agreement to execute a project that will be a great help to the people of Brooke’s Point: a micro-enterprise that focuses on manpower services. The enterprise hopes to capacitate the participants through the assistance of partners and service providers.

Partner Agency

WILSERV (Worldwide Service Provider Multi-Purpose Cooperative), operates and advocates the values of self-help, self-responsibility, equality, equity and solidarity as their core values. It extends its services to big companies and small property owners all over the Philippines since December 8, 2010.

With its mission to its clients, the MLGU and DSWD-SLP see WILSERV as a potential partner for this project. Also, WILSERV is the sole manpower agency of Cardinal Agri-Products Inc. (CAPI), an agribusiness enterprise in the Philippines that aims to uplift the agricultural communities in the country.

With the SLP Guidelines on Employment Facilitation Track, MAT-Brooke’s Point set a dialogue with WILSERV to discuss the terms and proposal of both parties. The output from the said meeting was presented during the Municipal Inter-Agency Committee meeting for critiquing and deliberation of its members. This yielded into a positive result in which all parties involved agreed to enter into an agreement with the company. A tripartite agreement that defines and formalizes the responsibilities of the parties involved was drafted in.

Fulfilling the tasks

Barangay Captains, Barangay Health Workers, Child Development Workers, Parent and IP Leaders in the municipality were called to disclose the results of the efforts of partner agencies to clinch an agreement with WILSERV. The project received positive response among different sectors and even the Philippine Marine Corps in Brooke’s Point declared their pledge of support to the said initiative.

The screening and referrals of applicants will be facilitated by DSWD-SLP and WILSERV. Those who will qualify the screening will undergo various skills training such as nuts deshelling, nuts pairing and nuts harvesting. These skills are essential in the operation of CAPI farm in Brooke’s Point.

Aside from the skills training, a Pre-Employment Assistance Fund (PEAF) will be given to those who will complete the training. This will be a great help for the applicants to be able to comply the necessary documents that they will need for their pre-employment requirements.

A total of 393 trainees or program participants are identified to be provided with guaranteed employment upon the completion of the implementation.

Turning the weakness into strengths

The factors that need to be strengthened in the municipality of Brooke’s Point are now being realized. The beneficiaries already enjoy the benefits of employment, income, and insurance.

Skills training

DSWD-SLP will shoulder the funding for capacity building activities while the technical skills training will be provided by WILSERV. Each aspiring qualified applicant needs to complete the following for each skills training:

80 hours           –             Nuts Pairing

56 hours           –             Nuts Deshelling

160 hours        –             Nuts Harvesting

Upon completion of trainings, the applicants are subject for assessment.


307 of 393 participants targeted for this program are already employed for regular positions. Just like other company rules and regulations, their employment is still subject for termination if found violating policies provided by the company. Upon retirement, the employee can recommend the vacant position to the person of their choice.


As regular employees, they will receive a daily salary of PHP 290.00/day for those who will be assigned in the production area while those who will be working overtime and night-shift will receive PHP 355.00/day. Unlike the normal employer-employee status, those who were hired under this program are treated as co-owner of the cooperative. An amount of PHP 250.00 will be deducted from their monthly salary and will be placed on their capital share until they complete the PHP 5,000.00 of their individual shares. This will enable them to receive dividends from the cooperative, from 20% up to 30% of the total shared capital. Upon their resignation they will receive their shared capital from the cooperative as their back pay.

Social Insurance

At this modern times, one has to secure insurance to protect the individual in case an emergency happens. The beneficiaries under this program will receive benefits such as Social Security System (SSS), PAG-IBIG, PhilHealth, hospitalization insurance, incentive leaves, emergency loan, and a life plan. With regards to their hospitalization insurance, WILSERV gives a self-insurance of up to PHP 2,500.00 per year for outpatient consultations including medicines and an amount of up to PHP 20,000.00 per year. For inpatient, their insurance can amount up to PHP 100,000.00 under the company Insular Life.

Shares and dividends

Upon employment, program participants automatically become a member of WILSERV Multi-Purpose Cooperative. Members are required a maximum capital share of PHP 5,000.00 to be deducted from their salaries within 2 years. Members are also entitled to receive dividends equivalent to 20 up to 30% of the total shared capital.

The intervention of LGUs and DSWD-SLP had provided a great impact among the people under this project, particularly members from the Indigenous People.


DSWD-SLP Palawan

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MDEs Attended M&E Forum

Pasay City, Metro Manila—The Municipal Data Encoders from different Kalahi CIDSS implementing municipalities in MIMAROPA were gathered last March 20-22, 2018 at Kabayan Hotel in Pasay City for the Monitoring and Evaluation Forum, formerly known as the Database Encoders’ Workshop. The main goal of this M and E Forum is to orient the encoders on the new version of Project Information Management System (PIMS), the primary database system used by DSWD Kalahi CIDSS. In addition to this, the status of the Means of Verification (MOVs) for Kalahi CIDSS project implementation will be checked and it will also serve as the audit checkpoint for the municipalities that will be finishing their program implementation this June. The main issues that the MDEs discussed were about the difficulties they experience on using the database system and the geotagging web-app. The persisting issues in the use of the database was the lost of data upon saving according to the M and E officers, this was mostly due to the slow internet connection in the areas. As the three-day activity came to its conclusion, most of the concerns of the MDEs were addressed.

Municipal Data Encoders are discussing strategies on how to make database management better, manageable, and faster



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Aborlan pushing for Organic Farming

Philippines is an agricultural country – with its abundant nature and good climate, a lot of local residents, especially on rural places, would engage in farming.

Zooming in lies the nature-loving province called Palawan. Located in the province is the municipality of Aborlan which is known as one of the biggest producers of agricultural products in southern Palawan.

Aborlan possesses a vast range of flat lands and terrains ideal for farming. Thus, it is no wonder that one of the major economic activities of the municipality is farming. It is practical that residents are taking advantage of their municipality’s features to have a livelihood; this was proven by the Participatory Livelihood Issue Analysis (PLIA) showing that there is a large number of farmers in Brgy. Barake engaged in vegetable production. This resulted to a formation of interested individuals into groups. A partnership engagement was established between Municipal Agriculture Office and Department of Social Welfare and Development – Sustainable Livelihood Program, in line with the thrust and priorities of Department of Agriculture to promote organic farming in Palawan and also to ensure the sustainability of the project.

This partnership aims to conduct skills training on organic vegetable farming with vermicomposting to provide skills and knowledge for the farmers on making organic pesticides and fertilizers using vermin-composting technology. This project possesses a wide range of economic and social benefits such as increasing the level of investment, aiding malnourishment in the community, and augmenting to the daily income of program participants to name a few.

The project started on January 25-26, 2016 through the collaborative effort of the Local Government Unit (LGU), BLGU, Western Philippines University (WPU), Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) and Convergence team of Aborlan. In two years of operation, May Gamala, a beneficiary of the program, had her own sari-sari store wherein the capital to build this store was earned from her profit in selling organic vegetables and vermicompost. Given the high value of organically grown vegetables and vermicompost, she roughly earns a minimum of PHP 8,000.00 a week. Nowadays, the awareness on health benefits of organic products continues to spread through social media.

Partnership engagement followed by continuous monitoring and coaching of the participants was sought to deliver quality service and ensure the sustainability of the project.

Program participants, on the other hand, share insights in the operation. The increasing income of the program participants would stimulate economic growth in the community, promote healthier lifestyle, and sustain healthy environment.


DSWD-SLP Palawan

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Soaring High Through Hog Raising

Filipinos are always practical; we do everything just to financially provide for our families in ways we know. We look around, and are always on the go to find livelihood projects that are beneficial and lucrative when fearlessly ventured.

The hog raising industry has been touted to be just such. Many Palaweños in the rural areas of Palawan still find it profitable notwithstanding the extreme hard work and unremitting patience the growers need to possess while raising the piglets. After all, the hog raising industry will generate income. Many residents in Brgy. San Juan in Aborlan are also into the hog-raising industry, as it provides them livelihood. It enables them to buy things for their children and pay the rent. While they are satisfied with the money the pigs sold put on their table, there’s something they lack: an association.

It was observed during the Sustainable Livelihood Program preliminaries in the barangay that all its residents possess the characteristics needed for the establishment of an association: camaraderie, unity, and willingness to learn. So formation of hog raising association they did. Through the help of the Community Core Group (CCG), a hog raising group with 41 households and leaders was formed within the four sitios of Brgy. San Juan. Aside from the formation of their association, hog raisers also went through trainings that opened their eyes to the challenges besetting the business, and the ways on how to overcome them to meet their targets.

Through the Local Government Units (LGUs) and National Government Agencies (NGAs), the trainings were made possible and series of lectures on hog-raising industry were presented to the participants.  The Western Philippines University (WPU) and Department of Agriculture (DA) served as instruments in the conduct of this endeavor. After the trainings, the participants were made to buy and raise two-month old piglets so after 3-4 months or 120 calendar days, the pigs weighing 85 kilos in average pegging at PHP 100.00 per kilo can then be sold in the market. After selling, they will have to buy another of the same age, so the cycle would repeat again.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development – Sustainable Livelihood Program in partnership with LGUs, through the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) along with BLGU, will ensure the success of the participants’ endeavor in hog raising using the knowledge they gained from the training and knowledge sharing.

The Municipal Agriculture Office will also continuously render technical assistance to the participants who are taking the risks of raising the hogs, to ensure their survival and productivity; the process is not easy because it is painstaking and taxing, given the food which the hog raisers need to give the pigs on top of its other needs before they are sold in the market.

Also with the help of different agencies, a communal hog raising project will also be launched this year in Brgy. San Juan, where a community piggery will already be made available to the participants. Once finalized and implemented, it will boost the income of the residents that will pique the economic growth in the community, or barangay for that matter, as it is seen to beef up the expenditures for goods and services, thus paving the way for economic and forward linkages for the betterment of the barangay.

The community piggery project will likewise boost the expansion of meat supply in the municipality of Aborlan, which will ensure food security to secure an escape from hunger in the community, in support of the national government’s food sufficiency goal. As such, the beneficiaries of the project shall be first and foremost the needy, but can however live up to the agreements and promises they make preceding the occupation of the community piggery. The project will give them the opportunity to possess a micro-enterprise of their own at the lowest possible cost. This will also provide them a venue to improve their living condition from the profits they will gain once hogs are sold which will, in a way, lift them from the stranglehold of penury.

There doesn’t seem to be a bigger impediment in the implementation of the project than the ones the implementers can handle; the minor ones are manageable. It accordingly will promote better welfare to the residents because it stimulates economic development in the municipality.


DSWD-SLP Palawan

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Ika-67 Anibersaryo ng DSWD pinagdiwang ng FO MIMAROPA


Kasabay ng saliw ng mga makukulay na bandiritias, matagumpay at masiglang ipinagdiwang ng mga opisyal at kawani ng Department of Social Welfare and Development MIMAROPA ang ika-67 Anibersaryo ng departamento.

Opisyal na binuksan ni Regional Director Wilma D. Naviamos ang nasabing anibersaryo ng maghatid siya ng mensahe tungkol sa tema ng taong pagdiriwang ng anibersaryo: “ Walang Puwang sa Katiwalian ang Tapat ng Paglilingkod Sa Bayan.”

“Ang pagdiriwang na ito ang magisislbing paalala sa atin na ang serbisyong binibigay natin sa ating mga benepisyaryo ay kinakailangang tapat, walang halong panlilinlang at korupsyon,” ani RD Naviamos.

Kaakibat ng tema ng matapat na paglilingkod, sama samang nagsagawa ng 1 Billion Rising Dance ang mga kalahok bilang pagsuporta sa walang katiwaliang pagsusulong ng karapatan at adbokasiya para sa mga kababaihan.

Bukod pa rito, naghanda ng Photo exhibit ang Social Marketing Unit (SMU) na pinamagatang: Larawang ng Tagumpay.

Ang nasabing exhibit ay nagpapakita ng mga paglalayag, paghihirap, at pagsisikap ng mga benepisyaryo upang makamit ang buhay na kanilang tinatamasa sa tulong ng iba’t ibang programa at serbisyo ng departamento.

Iprinesenta rin ang iba’t ibang karangalang natanggap ng rehiyon sa iba’t ibang kompetitsyon tulad ng pagiging kampyon sa SLP Bangon Kabuhayan at Pantawid Pamilya Search for Exemplary Children. Gayundin, ang mga

Nagtayo rin ng Bazaar ang Sustainable Livelihood Program kung saan ipinakita ang iba’t ibang produkto ng mga benepisyaryo mula sa MIMAROPA.

Pinangunahan naman ni Asistant Secretary Aleli B. Bagawan ng Office of the Secretary Group (OSG) katuwang sina RD Wilma D. Naviamos, ARDo Florecelli G. Gunio at ARDA Joel S. Mijares,  ang Groundbreaking Ceremony ng itatayong bagong apat na palapag na gusali ng DSWD at ‘blessing’ ng bagong SMU Office na sumisimbulo sa convergence ng mga programa ng DSWD.

“Malapit sa akin ang MIMAROPA dahil mahal na mahal ko ang mga kapatid nating Mangyan. Nagpapasalamat ako sa inyo sa patuloy ninyong pagaalaga sa kanila sa kabila ng mahirap ninyong pinagdadaan maparating lamang sa kanila ang ating serbisyo,” ito ang makapagbabag damdaming mensahe ni ASEC Aleli ng bigyan siya ng menshae


Pagkatapos ng mensahe ni ASEC Aleli, nagtipon tipon ang lahat upang paigitingin ang pagsasamahan sa pamamagitan ng pagasalo salo ng pagkain sa isang ‘boodle fight’.

Sa ikalawang araw ng pagdiriwang, pinangaralan naman ang iba’t ‘partners’ ng DSWD na naging katuwang sa matapat at matagumpay na pagiimplementa ng programa at serbisyo ng departamento sa iba’t ibang probinsya ng MIMAROPA.

Panata ko sa Bayan Awards (National Entries):

Praise National

  • Best Operations Office – Supplementary Feeding Program
  • Best Crisis Intervention Unit – MIMAROPA Crisis Intervention Unit

Salamat Po Award

  • Best NGO – Ruel Foundation Phils. Inc.


  • Model LGU Implementing Day Care Services – San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
  • Model LGU Implementing KALAHI-CIDSS – Calatrava, Romblon
  • Model LGU Implementing Protective programs and services – Province of Oriental Mindoro
  • Model LGU Implementing SLP MicroEnterprise Development – Looc, Romblon
  • Model LGU Implementing Employment Facilitation-Brooke’s Point, Palawan
  • Best Convergence Initative – Naujan, Oriental Mindoro

Samantala, hinarana at hinandugan naman ng video ang mga “Loyalty Awardees” na matagal at matapat na nagsilbi sa departamento:

  • Floreceli G. Gunio (40 taon ng serbisyo)
  • Annabelle U. Vargas (30 taon ng serbisyo)
  • Severino S. Taduran (25 taon ng serbisyo)
  • Monina D. Pechon (20 taon ng serbisyo)
  • Shiela S. Tapia (20 taon ng serbisyo)
  • Maricel F. De La Vega (10 taon ng serbisyo)
  • Sheila D. Sarabia (10 taon ng serbisyo)
  • Irish C. Villarin (10 taon ng serbisyo)

Karangalan naman ng rehiyon na mapaunlakan ang imbetasyon kina Undersecretary Maria Lourdes Turaldee-Jarabe ng Operations and Programs Group –Promotive Programs at Undersecretary Hope V. Hervilla ng Disaster Response Management na makilahok sa kanilang pagdiriwang.

Nagbigay ng buong suporta at inspirasyon sina USEC Turalde-Jarabe at USEC Hope sa patuloy na paglilingkod sa bayan ng mga kawani ng DSWD MIMAROPA ng ‘May Malasakit at Walang Puwang sa Katiwalian. “

Samantala nagbigay naman ng mga testimonial sina Jecille Arah M. Costales at Mary Jane Gaito ng MANHAK Association ukol sa kanilang mga pinagdaanan upang makamit ang titulong National Pantawid Pmailya Exemplary  Child 2017 at kampyon sa SLP Bangon Kabuhayan.

Sa pagtatapos ng pagdiriwang, pinasalamatan ni RD Naviamos ang lahat ng kawani na nagtulong tulong upang maging matagumpay ang pagdiriwang ng Anibersaryo at ang mga partners sa kanilang walang sawang pagsuporta sa departamento. ###

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CVs and MCTs Participate in Community Scorecard Training

Manila, Metro Manila– On March 6-9, 2018, the Department of Social Welfare and Development – KALAHI CIDSS NCDDP hosted a four-day Community Scorecard (CSC) Training at The Pearl Manila Hotel.

The use of CSC as a community-monitoring tool will strengthen the program’s engagement with the communities and enhance the accountability reporting. Out of the 64 municipalities in the MIMAROPA region, eight (8) partner-municipalities were selected to roll-out the tool within the first half of the year: Bansud, Gloria, Calatrava, Ferrol, Araceli, Magsaysay (Palawan), Cuyo and Narra.

The CSC workshop started by looking at the existing governance context of local public service delivery, and how DSWD Kalahi CIDSS – NCDDP operates in the said framework. This discussion served to structure the succeeding sharing of actual experiences by both community beneficiaries and program implementers in creating participatory monitoring of their localities.

The main part of the workshop focused on the creation of an input tracking matrix and two different sets of scorecards that were borne out of the group’s own standards and criteria. The process culminated in an interface meeting wherein service providers and service users discuss the results of their respective scorecards, identify emerging issues, and come to agreements on how to address or resolve these. Workshop sessions on each part of the CSC process featured a module-approach by the resource persons, followed by a hands-on activity wherein participants simulated the step of the CSC activity, and a reflection exercise which tried to draw out insights from the process.

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DSWD Kalahi CIDSS MIMAROPA Conducts Regional Sustainability Planning Workshop for 177 Municipalities

Manila, Metro Manila– To gain insights and harvest the lessons gained from the implementation of the 177 modality implementing municipalities of DSWD Kalahi CIDSS NCDDP, the Regional Program Management Office held the Regional Sustainability Planning Workshop last March 5-6, 2018 at the Pearl Hotel Manila.

Attended by representatives from 177 municipalities. The participants discussed and shared the community-driven development status in their respective municipalities and the result of the sustainability planning workshop they have conducted on the last quarter of 2017 and first few months of 2018. After the presentations, an Open Forum, moderated by the Regional Community Development Specialist Felomina Duka is conducted which revolve mostly on the clarification on the presented data and discussion on the future ventures of the 177 municipalities towards incorporating CDD in their governance strategy.

Furthermore, MAKILAHOK and Organizational Development and Management plans for 2018 were also discussed on the activity. A ceremonial signing of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) among the 177 municipalities and the Kalahi CIDSS MIMAROPA RPMO has closed the activity. The MOA contained the agreement on adoption of the sustainabilty plan by the 177 municipalities; thus, incorporating the it to their governance strategy. ###

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Human Chain Activity in Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro, A Success

Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro—The Human Chain Activity was a successful endeavor. Almost 2,500 people from different Mangyan Sub-Tribes, community volunteers, Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries, Kalahi CIDSS staff from Regional and National Program Management Office, Municipal Staff, civil society organizations, students, and people from the neighboring town of Sablayan have passed-on sacks of aggregates on the mountainous terrain of Sitio Nalwak to reach Sitio Bambanay.

The Human Chain Activity was organized by the Municipal Action Team of DSWD Magsaysay Occidental Mindoro together with the Local Government Unit for the benefit of the Mangyan communities in Sitio Bambanay. The goal of the activity is to deliver aggregates to be used for the construction of the foot trail Sub-Project identified by the IPs in Sitio Bambanay as their most pressing need. This will come in fruition through the “bayanihan” strategy where the people would line-up from Sitio Nalwak up to Sitio Bambanay and would pass sacks of aggregates The activity started from 5 in the morning until 11 in the morning.

The distance between Sitio Nalwak and Sitio Bambanay stretches around 2.7 km on a mountainous terrain. There were 20 stations wherein one station stretches to 135 meters.

Hand-in-hand, side by side– No Filipino is left behind as the people of Magsaysay and Sablayan helped the IP group of Mangyan in transporting the aggregates that will be used for the access road sub-project proposed by the community to be funded by Kalahi CIDSS

The stations began at station zero (0) where pantawid women beneficiaries put aggregates in the sacks and pass it to people positioned at station zero (0) until it reached station twenty. The furthest that the aggregates reached int he half day activity was at station ten (10). However, Area coordinator Rosalie Frane said she is grateful that people have gathered to help to show their support to the IP community.

On the other hand, almost 80 individuals from the neighboring town of Sablayan headed by Hon. Eduardo Gadiano participated in the Human Chain Activity as they were transported by four large municipal trucks. Community Volunteers from Sablayan has expressed joy knowing they are able to help their co-volunteers
from Magsaysay. “Kahit nakakapagod ay masaya kami dahil nakatulong kami sa mga kapwa naming volunteer at sa mga kapatid naming Mangyan rin.” Said Dionisio Recente, a Kalahi CIDSS Voluteer from Sablayan.

Hon. Fajardo and Hon. Gadiano climbed the difficult terrain going to the Sitio Bambanay to personally see the situation of the IPs in the community. Hon. Gadiano then pledged to give solar panels to the community and Hon. Fajardo pledged to give a multi-cab emergency tricycle for easy transport of people and products.
The foot trail will respond to the main problems identified by the IPs which is transporting their sick to barangay proper and evacuation of the people during times of calamity.

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