Puerto Princesa City Palawan— The regional technical specialists from Regions MIMAROPA, V, VI, and VII gathered for a five-day training seminar on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management – CCA last September 9-15, 2018 at Citystate Asturias Hotel in Puerto Princesa City Palawan.

The said training was hosted by DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS MIMAROPA and was attended by each of the region’s technical specialist starting from the regional community development specialist (RCDS), regional community infrastructure specialist (RCIS), regional financial analyst (RFA), regional capability building specialist (RCBS), and regional monitoring and evaluation specialist (RMES).

The first day of the training focused on the discussion on basic DRR-CCA concepts and topics on climate change. On the next day, the participants were introduced to the laws governing the DRR in the Philippines and further discussion on impact of climate change in the country on topics about Climate Change and impact to the environment and the communities. In the afternoon, the participants were taught how to create community basemap using the software QGIS.

On the third day, the participants were taught to use the InaSAFE feature of the QGIS software. This feature allowed the translation of data into a report. It was followed by the discussion of Dr. Jake Tio on Mainstreaming DRR in the Community Empowerment Activity Cycle (CEAC) and the discussion of Ms. Fatima Marifosque on incorporating the DRR in Participatory Situational Analysis (PSA).

The participants went on an educational tour within the Puerto Princesa City wherein they conducted a teaching demonstration on all the concepts they were taught on the duration of the training. To conclude the training, the participants shared their thoughts on how to better incorporate DRR-CCA in the CEAC Cycle.


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