To capacitate the KALAHI-CIDSS (KC) MIMAROPA staff in the region and in the provincial offices, KC conducted a 1-day webinar on the Emergency Procurement and Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) for COVID-19 Disaster Response conducted via Google Meet last July 24, 2020.

Because of the COVID19 Pandemic, the KALAHI-CIDSS (KC) implementation has shifted to its disaster response procedure called the Disaster Response Operating Modality/Procedure or DROM/P. This is a modified Community Empowerment Activity Cycle (CEAC) of the KALAHI CIDSS Program wherein each stage of CEAC will be fastened and simplified in response to disasters. With this, the Emergency Procurement was also activated.

The Emergency Community Procurement Procedures is a shorter and simplified planning guidelines that functions as the procurement process under the DROM/P. Mr. Marvin T. Trillana, KC’s Regional Procurement Officer, and also a certified Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) trainer served as the resource speaker for the webinar.

Mr. Trillana ran through the process of the Emergency Community Procurement Procedures, and talked about the legal provisions, classifying the red flags, roles and functions of staff, contracts, methods, and implementations. Since most KALAHI-CIDDS’ sub projects are infrastructures, the topic for the afternoon session was the Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) which aimed to equip participants with the knowledge on safety and precautionary measurements in the work place. In this case, COSH tackled ways to prevent accidents, dangers, and the spread of the pandemic specifically in the construction area, and the municipality. A short discussion on basic first aid was also part of the webinar.

The whole day webinar was attended by KC’s Regional procurement officers, SWAD team, and different Area and Municipal coordinator teams in Oriental Mindoro, Romblon, and, Palawan.

KALAHI-CIDSS is a poverty alleviating program of DSWD that uses the CDD approach which aims to empower and encourage the community members to come up with projects that will be beneficial for the community.



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