Waves of hope: The story of a fisherman’s daughter

It was early in the morning and Jillian, 13, was already awake. She went to the sea shore with her parents to watch them prepare their boat for sailing. That morning, her father will then again catch fish to sell so that their family will have money to spend for their needs.

As she watched how her father braved the waves to start sailing, a dream popped into her mind – a dream where she does not worry about her father going out the shore; a dream where her parents live a comfortable life as she and her brother have finished their studies.

After a while, Jilian and her mother went back to their small, wooden abode to prepare for school. She becomes more motivated to study hard so she can start weaving her dreams with the hope to bring them to life.


Sailing through life

Jilian Vianca P. Evora, or Jilian as what most people call her, is a Grade 8 student from Rufino M. Asi Pulangtubig National High School. She is the eldest among the two children of Virgilio, 41, and Jenifer, 35. Her younger brother is named James Vien, 4 years old, and is already studying in a day care center.

Since her parents tied the knot in 2005, her father catches fish to earn a living while her mother takes care of the house and looks after her and her brother. They live in Brgy. Pulantubig which is one of the coastal barangays in Baco, Oriental Mindoro.

Mahirap po ang trabaho ni Papa. Madalas ay mangingisda sya ng madaling araw pagkatapos ay uuwi sa tanghali pagkatapos po ay mangingisda ulit sa gabi,” Jilian said. Due to their financial difficulties, Jilian learned the importance of saving and spending less for a purchase. According to her, her allowance for the day depends on the catch of her father but she still makes sure to save money from it. “’Yung 50% po ng baon ko ay para sa pagkain pagkatapos po ay 25% naman po para sa mga gastos sa school at 25% sa savings ko po” she shared. Jilian wants to save money so that she does not need to ask for money to her mother if she wants to buy anything. “Ang pinakamalaki ko pong naging ipon ay P2,000.00 na ibinigay ko po noon kay Mama kasi po pinambili ng gamot ng kapatid ko po,” Jilian said.

As a daughter, she imbibed the faith of her parents wherein she starts and ends her day with a prayer. She also helps her mother in doing household chores after school and also takes care of her younger sibling.

Jilian knows the struggles of their parents just to provide them their needs. Hence, she studies hard to

give back to her parents’ sacrifices and efforts. Since elementary, she is a consistent honor student who always tops her classes. Seeing their life situation, it motivates her to always do her best in everything she does.

According to Jilian, often times her mother gets rice and food to eat in the sari-sari store of her grandmother which they will pay once her father already sells fish. “Kung ‘di rin po dahil sa tulong ng mga kamag-anak namin ay hindi rin po kami makaraos,” she said.  To help lessen their food expenses, she and her mother plant vegetables in her grandmother’s house since they do not have enough space to grow food.

Hindi naman po kasi araw-araw ay pare-pareho ang kinikita ni Papa dahil depende po iyon sa huli ni Papa. Kaya madalas ay hirap pa rin po talaga kami lalo pa at doon lang po kami kumukuha ng panggastos sa araw-araw,” Jilian narrated. For their everyday living, her parents only focus on providing their needs to get through the day. “Kapag po may biglaang sakit kaming magkapatid, mas lalo pong hirap sila Mama at Papa kaya nanghihingi na lang po muna kami ng tulong sa mga tito at tita para mapagamot tapos ay babayaran na lang kapag kumita na po si Papa,” Jilian shared. “Kaya po sa totoo lang ay maswerte pa rin po kami at naging benepisyaryo po kami ng 4Ps,” she added.

Jilian’s family became a beneficiary of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in 2011. According to her, through the program, her family became more invested in the health of their family. It does not only help them in financing their needs in education but it also helps them buy vitamins and nutritious food for the family to keep them healthy. “Mas natuunan po namin ng pansin ang kalusugan ng mga bata at makaiwas na sa sakit,” she said.

Dahil sa programa, mas panatag po ako na makakapagtapos ako ng pag-aaral dahil alam ko pong may tumutulong sa amin,” Jilian said. “Malaking katulungan po ang 4Ps para makamit ko ang pangarap ko,” she added. Jilian vows to continue working hard to finish her studies so that she can prove that their family is worthy of receiving benefits from the government.


Love for the ocean

Knowing that their family depends on the bounty of the ocean for their livelihood, she has a great love for it and exerts efforts in taking care of it.

Importante po sa buhay namin ang dagat dahil dyan ay nakakapag-aral po kami, kaya gusto ko pong tumulong sa pag-aalaga po ng environment natin,” she said. According to her, not only does the sea help them financially but it also binds their family together since their family spends quality time at the beach making sand castles and swimming.

Hence, as an environmental advocate, Jilian actively participates in different coastal clean-up and mangrove planting activities in school and in their community. As a member of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) she initiates projects on proper waste disposal and clean-ups. She also actively joins different youth and eco camps to know more about taking care of the environment.

Lahat po ng natutunan ko sa mga sinasalihan kong camps ay sinasabuhay ko po talaga,” she said. In their home, they practice waste segregation and even teaches her younger brother to dispose his garbage properly.

Jilian believes that through her small actions, she can encourage other youths to do something to protect their environment. “Sa pamamagitan po nito, mapoprotektahan ko rin po ang tanging kinabubuhay ng aming pamilya,” she said.


Dreaming by the sea

The long stretch of the shore resembles Jilian and her family’s long journey amidst poverty. But it never became a hindrance for her to continue dreaming.

As a typical youth, she loves watching Korean dramas and listening to Korean pop songs. Jilian dreams of going to Korea to see her idols.

She likes reading books about astronomy and dreams of becoming an astronaut someday. 

She also wants to become a doctor so that she can be able to treat sick poor people who do not have enough money to pay for their hospital bills.

With her love for the environment, Jilian also dreams to become an environmentalist and educate people

on how to take care of it.

Jilian is an achiever, a dreamer, and an advocate of change. With hard work, perseverance, and determination, she is determined to learn to sail with the waves of life to achieve her dreams. ###

(Jilian was awarded as the champion in the 2019 Regional Search for Exemplary Children conducted in Metro Manila on October 11, 2019.)

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DSWD MIMAROPA distributes EMV cash cards for 4Ps beneficiaries in Coron

Beneficiary from Brgy. Bulalacao signing in the UCT payroll in Coron, Palawan before withdrawing P3,600.00 grant in Landbank ATM through her newly-acquired cash card

Coron, Palawan – The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (Pantawid) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office MIMAROPA distributed Landbank EMV cash cards to all Pantawid beneficiaries in Coron, Palawan on October 25, 2019.

Eighty-one and two hundred sixty-eight household beneficiaries of the program from the island barangays of Brgy. Malawig and Brgy. Bulalacao, respectively, went to Brgy. Poblacion to receive their cash cards and withdraw P3,600.00 grant (P300.00 per month) from the Unconditional Cash Transfer (UCT) Program, a one-time cash subsidy given to 10 million poor households including the 4Ps beneficiaries to help them cope with the effects of the implementation of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law.

According to Lynie Libero, a cluster parent leader from Brgy. Bulalacao, the beneficiaries travelled early in the morning by boat to receive the cash cards and withdraw the UCT grant. “Mas gusto po namin ang cash card dahil mas mapapabilis na po ang pagkuha namin ng grant sa pamamagitan nito,” she said.

This year, the Pantawid Program aims to release all Landbank cash cards to beneficiaries who do not yet have cash cards until November. This is in line with the efforts of the program to complete a more efficient delivery of payments. This strategy will provide “easier” transactions to the beneficiaries as the long queues of beneficiaries awaiting for their cash grants through off-site transactions will be cut short, according to Municipal Link Margielen Lazo of Coron.

Ang nakikita lang po naming problema dito ay yung kapag may bagyuhan na at mahirap ang pagbyahe ng mga beneficiaries natin lalo na sa mga island barangays since isa lang po ang ating Landbank ATM dito sa Coron,” she added.

According to Daniel Rio, Financial Analyst III in the regional office of Pantawid Pamilya MIMAROPA, there are continuous dialogue with the Landbank office to partner and coordinate with cooperatives, small banks, and merchants in different areas of the region with limited Lanbank ATM to allow beneficiaries to withdraw their grants through point-of-sale (POS) transactions.

As of October 2019, there are a total of 40,075 household beneficiaries who have already claimed their cash cards this year while 126, 913 household beneficiaries are yet to obtain their cash cards.#

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2019 ‘Regional Exemplary Pantawid Child’ hails from Oriental Mindoro

The regional exemplary Pantawid Pamilya children of DSWD MIMAROPA (From left: Aira Quimora from Marinduque, Francine Kieth Paglicawan from Occidental Mindoro, Jilian Vianca Perez from Oriental Mindoro, Allysa Jane Nacasi from Palawan, Audrey Nicole Teologo from Romblon)

Malate, Manila – On October 11, 2019, Jilian Vianca Perez from Baco, Oriental Mindoro emerged as the champion in the Regional Search for Exemplary Pantawid Pamilya Children 2019 of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office MIMAROPA under the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (Pantawid Pamilya) at Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila, Malate, Manila.

Jilian showing her acting talent during the Search

Jilian, 13 , bested other 4 nominees from the different provinces of the region due to her characteristics and attitude that exemplify a model child who can serve as an advocate of the program. Growing up near the coastal area, where their family relies on to earn a living, she has developed her great love for nature. At her young age, she is active in different community activities which aims to protect the environment such as mangrove planting and clean and green program.  According to Jilian, she can be of help to the environment and her community by starting to do small things like segregating wastes and properly disposing of garbage.

Meanwhile, Audrey Nicole Teologo from Looc, Romblon was awarded as the 1st runner-up while Allyssa Jane Nacasi from Dumaran, Palawan won as the 2nd runner-up. Francine  Kieth Paglicawan from Sta. Cruz, Occidental Mindoro and Aira Quimora from Baco, Marinduque was awarded as the 3rd runner-up and 4th runner-up, respectively.

All winners were awarded with plaque and cash prizes. The panel of judges for the regional search were Angeles Casabuena from Department of Education (DepEd) MIMAROPA, Criza Calabon from Department of Health (DOH) MIMAROPA, Glaize Anne Ordenes from Commission on Population (POPCOM) MIMAROPA, and Concepcion Deymos and OIC Regional Director Floreceli Gunio from DSWD MIMAROPA.

Other than awarding the model children, the event became an avenue to also recognize the Romero Family from San Agustin, Romblon, who won in the Regional Search for Huwarang Pantawid Pamilya 2019 which was conducted on July this year. The Pantawid Pamilya Art Contest winners were also awarded where the Nabuslot National High School Videography Group from Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro won as champion in the Videography Category and the Third Pitch from Corcuera, Romblon won the 1st place in the Song Writing Category.

Jilian will represent the region in the National Children’s Congress on November as the program’s advocate for children’s right on health and education. #

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Strength in Unity

Living a simple, happy life, the Romero family maintains their strong relationship amidst challenges in life

For most poverty-stricken families, getting by with their everyday struggles is their top priority. They allot most of their time to earn money so that they can put food in their table. And for some poor families, it could be difficult to maintain strong family relationships as they tend to focus on one thing: to work hard to support their financial needs, having little time to spend for their families. It is mostly hard for them to even care about others as they are busy helping theirs.

But the Romero Family from Brgy. Bachawan, San Agustin, Romblon is different. This family maintains strong relationship despite their busy schedules as the members of the family go to work or study in school. They are an inspiration to the community as they are not only responsible members of their family but also an active member of their community.

“Kilala ang pamilyang iyan sa barangay kasi kahit mahirap sila at walang kaya, maganda ang relasyon sa pamilya. Bukod pa doon, aktibo sila sa komunidad. Ang mga anak naman niya ay nag-eexcel sa school at makikita mo talagang maganda ang pagpapalaki sa kanila ng kanilang mga magulang,” said barangay captain Helen M. Moton.

The Romero family might not be financially wealthy but they are rich in positive values that is admired by other families in their community. Through working hand-in-hand, the family believes that little by little, they can overcome poverty together.

In this warm abode in San Agustin, Romblon, the Romero family started to dream of uplifting their lives to get out of poverty


Beating the Odds

Felix, and her wife Teresa, came from poor families and both were not able to finish their studies. Growing up, they have already experienced life’s hardship, hence they work harder as they created a family of their own. Felix currently serves his community as a barangay kagawad while working as a farmer and raising farm animals.  Meanwhile, Teresa helps in financing their family’s needs through selling kakanin. To help them sustain their daily needs, the family also maintains a backyard garden.

The couple was given seven children namely: John Paul, the eldest, a BS Information Technology student; Dannica Joy, the second child, a graduate of BS IT who currently works as a cashier; John Vincent, the third child, a Grade 11 student; April Joy, the fourth child, a Grade 9 student; Felix III, the fifth child, a Grade 8 student; Princess Ella May, the sixth child, a Grade 6 student; and the youngest, John Angelo, a Grade 1 student.

Raising a large family, it was hard for Felix to support them only through farming. “Mahirap ang buhay namin noon ma’am. Mabilis na lumaki ang aming pamilya,” said Teresa. “Para makadagdag pa sa panggastos sa pang-araw araw, nagkopra ang asawa ko at kumikita sya ng tatlong libo eh tatlong beses lang naman magkopra sa isang taon, ma’am,” she added. But the couple did not give up. They take their situation as a challenge for them to continue working hard. They have raised their children to be humble, kind, and God-fearing. “Pinaintindi namin sa mga bata na kahit mahirap ang buhay, patuloy pa rin dapat kaming magsikap. Na kahit mahirap ang buhay, kailangang matuto pa rin kaming tumulong sa kapwa at magpakumbaba,” said Teresa. According to Teresa, their usual conversation during dinner as they share the cooked rice from their neighbor’s leftover mixed with soy sauce and cooking oil, are their dreams and the actions that they need to take together to pursue these dreams.

As their children grew up, they have come to understand their situation. Hence, they are studying hard to help their family in getting out of poverty and to repay the hardships of their parents. “May mga panahon po dati na ang pagkain naming ay lugaw sa umaga, kanin sa hapon, at lugaw ulit sa gabi. Okay lang po sa amin yun dahil naiintindihan naman po namin ang hirap ng buhay namin. Kaya kahit kami ay nagpupursigi rin para balang araw ay makatulong kina mama at papa,” shared April Joy. The children believe that education can help them in having successful a life in the future.

The children grew up to become more understanding of their situation which helped them to become empathic, responsible, and kind-hearted

“Ang magkakapatid na ‘yan ay talagang magagaling sa school.  Lahat sila ay laging kasama sa honor roll at inilalaban din naming sa mga pa-contest sa school,” attested Remegio F. Rollon Jr., who became the school adviser of the four children at Esteban Madrona Elementary School. John Paul and Dannica Joy were honor students in elementary and high school. April Joy, John Vincent, and Felix III also excel in school and all are consistent honor students. All of them are members of their school’s Supreme Student Government (SSG) and are active in different school activities. Meanwhile, Princess Ella ranked first in her class and has recently passed the Special Science Class (SSC) admission examination. The youngest, John Angelo, has also been receiving certificates of recognition for doing good in class.

For the children, their plight and seeing their parents strive to support their educational endeavors inspires them to go beyond what is expected of them. And with their children’s drive to excel in their classes, the couple was inspired to continue working hard to support them and their aspirations.

The Romero family rejoiced when Dannica Joy graduated in college. “Noong nakagraduate siya, sobrang tuwa namin kasi kahit papaano ay may nakuha na kaming accomplishment sa pagpapatapos ng isa sa pito naming anak,” said Teresa. Dannica’s diploma served as a stepping stone for the family in chasing their dreams. “Mas nainspire po ako noon na makapagtapos din balang araw kagaya ni ate,” said April Joy.


Being served and serving

Never did the Romero family expect that there will be someone to provide assistance to their family after becoming a Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program beneficiary in 2010. Teresa attested to the contribution of the program in buffering for the children’s needs as the program monitored their three children.

“Dahil malaki ang aming pamilya, sa totoo lamang po ay hirap na hirap kami. Sa pagdating ng 4Ps, kahit papaano ay naibsan ang aming kahirapan lalong lalo na sa pagtustos sa mga pangangailangan sa eskwela ng aming mga anak,” said Felix.

The program has not only helped their family financially, but it also opened a lot of opportunities for them. “Pagkatapos po naming mag-asikaso ng 4Ps, pinili ako ng mga kasama ko bilang parent leader ng aming grupo,” said Teresa. According to Eva Mercurio, a fellow Pantawid Pamilya beneficiary, Teresa was chosen to be their parent leader because they know that she is responsible. Even before becoming a Pantawid beneficiary, Teresa has been a member of different school’s Parent Teacher Association.

Teresa said that after being assigned as the parent leader, her confidence has increased. It has also helped her in discovering her leadership skills. “Sa FDS, lubos kong naliwanagan ang tamang pag-didisiplina sa mga bata kung saan naroroon pa rin ang respeto sa kanila kahit sila ay bata. Nagustuhan ko rin ma’am ang mga sessions patungkol sa mga usaping mag-asawa kung saan mas naunawaan ko ang aking asawa at mas tumibay pa ang aming relasyong mag-asawa,” she shared.

Because of the program, the family became aware to the different social services of the government and has gained access in them. Their second child, Dannica Joy, had become a scholar of the Expanded Students’ Grants-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (ESGP-PA), which has greatly helped her in finishing her studies. According to Dannica Joy, she became more determined to graduate that time because she knew that she was receiving help from the program. “Malaking tulong po para sa aming pamilya ang scholarship na ito dahil nakabawas lalo sa gastusin ng aming pamilya at mas nasiguro nito na makakagraduate po ako kahit kami ay mahirap lang,” she said.

Teresa has also become a participant of the DSWD Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) through its hog-raising livelihood program. “Sunud-sunod po talaga ang blessings sa amin at oportunidad noong dumating ang Pantawid kaya sinasabi ko po sa mga anak ko na i-grab lang nila ang oportunidad na mayroon silang benepisyong nakukuha kaya pagsikapan nila para maipakita namin na may pakinabang yung benpisyo na binibigay sa amin at hindi masasayang,” Teresa said.

In 2016, the bamboo footbridge initiative of Felix connecting Sitio Iso and Sitio Atnaga, has been adopted by DSWD Kalahi CIDSS to be one of their projects and have it cemented. Through this initiative, the family has been well-known to the community for their volunteerism and empathic

Grateful of the different opportunities given to them, the family found more blessings to share with their community. It has also ignited their passion to serve and help other people in need. The family became an active member of their community and they became known for their passion to help others.

“Kilala ang pamilyang iyan na matulungin talaga. Kahit wala na sila, nagdodonate pa rin sila sa aming church at tumutulong kapag may mga activities kami,” shared Josephine Marimla, their church pastor.

In 2013, Felix wanted to serve their communities more so he run for barangay councilor and won. Since then, he became determined to help his community and serve them with all of his abilities. “Sa aming barangay, talagang hinahangaan ang pamilyang iyan. Lalo silang nirespeto noong maisip ni Kagawad Felix na gumawa ng isang footbridge sa Sitio Iso at Agnaga,” shared Paquito Gallos, his fellow kagawad. It was Felix who initiated to build a footbridge to connect Sitio Iso to Sitio Agnaga. “Dati rati po kasi tumatawid sila sa isa lamang nabubulok na kahoy habang pasan pasan ang kanilang mga kopra. Napakadelikado ng kahoy na ito lalo na sa mga estudyante,” narrated Felix. Because of this, he encouraged the community members in both sitios to join together to create a footbridge made of bamboo. Felix’s family provided food for the volunteers until the construction of the bridge has finished.

Three years after, Felix found out about the plan of DSWD KALAHI-CIDSS in adopting a community initiative in their area. Felix had decided to advocate their footbridge project initiative to KALAHI to develop it better. Because of his perseverance, his initiative was chosen by the program and in 2016, their bamboo footbridge was cemented.  “Dahil sa footbridge po na iyan, mas nakilala ang pamilya nila. Kung hindi dahil sa tulung-tulong na ginawa nila, hindi magkakaroon ng magandang daanan ang mga nakatira po doon,” said Aida Galanida, a fellow Pantawid beneficiary who testified how that the footbridge initiative has been a great help to their community.


Keeping the family close

Despite being active in their school and community, the Romero family remains intact. “Minsan tinatanong din po sa amin kung anong

The family works together in doing household chores and the children have their own schedules of doing their chores

sikreto at bakit mababait at responsable ang aming mga anak at malapit kami sa isa’t isa,” said Teresa. According to her, there is no secret because it only takes a quality family time and an open communication to keep the family relationship stronger. “Madalas po kaming nagkakantahan sa bahay ng aming nanay sa baba kapag kumpleto po kami. Sinisiguro rin po naming sabay-sabay kaming kumakain ng hapunan at nagsisimba kada-Linggo,” she added.

Teresa said that the family will always find time to communicate with each other even though they have their separate matters to attend to. April Joy said that they feel connected with their family even by doing their household chores together. “Since hindi naman po kami nakakalabas talaga, nagkakausap na lang din po kami habang nagpapakain ng manok, baboy, o kaya po ay nagluluto. Masaya na po kami sa ganoon,” she explained. “Minsan nagsasabi po kami sa mga nagkakagusto po sa amin o kaya ay yung nagugustuhan namin sa school,” added John Vincent. The children are open about everything with their parents because they have built trust with them. According to Felix, they always encourage their children to speak up to them and he and Teresa are the one to initiate on asking them about personal things. And even though he is busy serving the community as a kagawad, he always makes sure to go home and spend time to his family because he wants them closer to him.

“Pag-uwi po ni tatay, kahit busy sya at gabi na nakakauwi, sinisiguro nyang kausapin pa rin kami at kumustahin bago matulog since magkakasama naman po kami,” said April Joy. “Si nanay naman po, kahit minsan ay gabi na rin sya nakakauwi dahil sa mga inaasikaso sa 4Ps, sa umaga naman po bago kami umalis ay paghahandaan nya kami ng pagkain at sasabayan din,” she added.

Meanwhile, according to Teresa, the children spend most of the time at home rather than going out with their friends. “Ang mga anak ko po talaga ay sa bahay lang lagi. Tinutulungan kami sa bahay kapag walang pasok at nag-aaral lang po talaga,” she said. “Hindi po mabarkada ang mga anak nila. Hindi sila yung kagaya ng ibang kabataan na laging nasa labas o nakatambay kung saan,” claimed Brgy. Captain Helen. The children said that they prefer being at home than going out with friends because they enjoy being with their siblings.

“Madalas napunta po kami kina lola para manood ng TV o kaya ay doon po kami mag-stay dahil malapit lang naman po ang bahay nila,” said John Vincent. “Yun na po ang libanagan naming magkakapatid,” he added.

According to Felix, they realized that beyond financial support, their children also need their emotional support and affection. Through this, the children can feel more connected with them and they can be comfortable of sharing their problems with them.

Because of their strong relationship, Teresa said that it became easier for them to face all the challenges that life has to offer. “Dahil po open kami sa pamilya, mas naiintinidhan ng mga anak namin na kailangan nilang magsipagtapos sa pag-aaral at pagbutihin pa ang pag-aaral para makatulong sa aming mag-asawa,” she shared. “Nagsisikap po kaming magkakapatid kasi po alam naming mahirap lang kami at  kailangan naming pagbutihan pa para po makaraos kami sa kahirapan kahit papaaano,” said April Joy.


Striving and thriving

“Matagal pa po siguro ma’am ang pagkamit po sa pangarap namin. Pero hangga’t sama-sama po kami, alam naming makakayanan naming umahon sa kahirapan,” said Teresa. “Ang pamilya namin ay patuloy pa rin sa pagharap sa hirap ng buhay. Kami ay responsible hindi lamang sa pamilya kundi pati na rin sa komunidad. Tuloy lang ang pagsuporta sa anak at pagtulong sa kapwa,” Teresa added.

Through spending time together and constant communication, the Romero family maintains strong family relationship

The Romero family is a story of inspiration and hope illustrating how a family of perseverance and determination could pursue their dreams despite the disadvantage of poverty. The family has demonstrated positive family relations, discipline, unity, and sacrifice as a drive to triumph over the challenges hurled at them. ###



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DSWD MIMAROPA to start releasing 4Ps cash grant on September for OTC payout

The 4Ps beneficiaries of MIMAROPA who do not have cash cards will start receiving cash grant on September through OTC payout

Malate, Manila –The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office MIMAROPA through the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program announced that the over-the counter (OTC) payout for partner-beneficiaries in MIMAROPA Region will start on September 4 to September 27, 2019.

4Ps beneficiaries who do not yet have Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) cash cards or First Consolidated Bank (FCB) Pitakards or those beneficiaries receiving their grants through partner conduits of LBP will receive cash grants covering the months of December 2018 to May 2019.

Household beneficiaries who have complied to all of the conditionalities of the program on education and nutrition and health will receive P500.00 health grant and P600.00 rice subsidy per household, and educational grant of P300 and P500 for elementary and senior high school students monitored by the program, respectively. A maximum of three children per household is qualified to receive the grant.

Since March this year, the payout has been delayed due to the ending of contract of the partner conduits of LBP who will help in releasing the financial assistance for those areas with limited LBP branches.

A total of P1,468,325,100.00 will be released to cover six months of cash grants for the 168,526 number of households in the region.

The 4Ps beneficiaries can directly contact their Municipal/City Links for the exact schedule of payouts in their area.

Meanwhile the payout for beneficiaries with cash cards have recently received their cash grant last month in August.

The Pantawid Pamilya continuously coordinates with the LBP in order to ensure that problems leading to delay of payout will be resolved at once. ###

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DSWD MIMAROPA ipinagdiwang ang tagumpay ng benepisyaryo ng Pantawid

“Kampay para Sa Tagumpay” – nagsagawa ng isang kampay ang mga dumalo sa aktibidad ng Pantawid Pamilya upang ipagdiwang ang tagumpay ng mga benepisyaryo na naka-“graduate” na sa programa

Puerto Princesa City  – Isinagawa ng Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office MIMAROPA sa pangunguna ng Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program ang “Kampay para sa Tagumpay: Pagkilala sa mga Kwento ng Pagtawid” noong Hulyo 26, 2019 sa Palawan Uno Hotel, Puerto Princesa City upang ipagdiwang ang pag-“graduate” o pag-“exit” sa programa ng mga benepisyaryo nito dahil sa unti-unting pagtaas ng antas ng kanilang pamumuhay.

Layunin ng aktibidad na bigyan ng pagkilala ang tagumpay ng mga benepisyaryo nito at maipahayag ang mga kwento ng kanilang pagtawid sa kahirapan.

“Simula 2011, 1,436 na pamilya na ang naka-“graduate” sa programa hanggang sa kasalukuyang taon. Ang mga pamilyang ito ay may mga nakapagtapos na mga anak, nagkaroon na ng magagandang hanap-buhay, at nagkaroon ng regular na pinagkikitaan habang sila ay nasa loob ng programa. Ang mga Municipal o City Links ang siyang tumutukoy sa pamamagitan ng isang assessment kung ang mga pamilyang ito ay maari nang umalis sa programa. Ang iba naman na mga benepisyaryo ay boluntaryong nagpapatanggal sa programa dahil para sa kanila, kaya na nilang tumayo sa kanilang sariling mga paa dahil ang programa ay nagging malaki na ang tulong sa kanila,” ayon kay OIC Regional Director Floreceli G. Gunio.

Mayroong 30 na pamilya ang dumalo sa nasabing pagdiriwang mula sa Puerto Princesa, Narra, Roxas, at Quezon na nagrerepresenta sa mga benepisyaryo sa buong rehiyon ng MIMAROPA na naka-“graduate” na sa programa.

Nagbigay ng mensahe at testimonya sina Margelyn Mandapat mula sa Quezon, Eva Acierto mula sa Roxas, Joesyl Mantal, mula sa Narra, at Daisy Franco mula sa Puerto Princesa City upang ipahayag ang pagbabago sa kanilang buhay matapos maging benepisyaryo ng Pantawid Pamilya.

Ayon kay Margelyn, nabago ng programa ang kanilang buhay maging ang kaniyang sarili sa loob ng pitong taon niya bilang benepisyaryo ng programa.

“Karamihan sa mga kasamahan ko sa cluster ay katutubong Palaw’an na talagang kapos sa buhay at kulang sa sapat na edukasyon. Dahil sa programang Pantawid, pinahalagahan nila ang edukasyon at programang pangkalusugan ng ating gobyerno, na sa totoo lang, noong wala pa ang Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program ay ayaw nilang pagsumikapang paaralin ang kanilang mga anak at napakahirap nilang alukin ng mga programang pangkalusugan na ibinibigay ng ating pamahalaan,” pahayag ni Margelyn.

Si Margelyn ay isang katutubong Palaw’an na ngayon ay nagtatabaho na sa Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) sa Palawan.

Dinaluhan din ni Vice Governor Victorino Dennis M. Socrates ang naturang pagdiriwang kasama ang mga katuwang na ahensiya, organisasyon, at lokal na pamahalaan ng Pantawid Pamilya upang magbigay ng testimonya at mensahe sa mga benepisyaryong Pantawid.

Nagpakita din naman ng presentasyon ang Department of Agriculture (DA), Palawan State University (PSU), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Amigonian Youth Center, Inc., International Care Ministries (ICM), at Ligaya ng Buhay tungkol sa ng kanilang mga serbisyo na maaring makuha ng mga naka-“graduate” na pamilya.

Hinihikayat ni OIC RD Gunio ang lahat ng benepisyaryo ng Pantawid Pamilya huwag huminto sa pagsisikap, bagkus ay lalong palawigin ang pagbabagong puno ng pag-asa at liwanag tungo sa kanilang pag-unlad.

Ang Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program ay isang programa ng DSWD na nagbibigay ng kondisyonal na tulong-pinansiyal para sa pinakamahihirap na Pilipino upang pabutihin ang kalusugan, nutrisyon, at edukasyon ng mga batang may edad 0 hanggang 18 taong gulang. ###

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PAUNAWA: 4Ps payout, maantala hanggang Hulyo


Malate, Manila – Patuloy na maaantala ang payout para sa off-site payment ng mga benepisyaryo ng Pantawid Pamilya ngayong Hulyo dahil kasalukuyan pa rin ang pagpproseso sa bidding ng mga conduits na siyang magbabagahagi ng cash grant para sa mga lugar na mayroong limitadong sangay ng Landbak of the Philippines (LBP).

Samantala, hindi naman maapektuhan ang iskedyul ng payout sa mga benepisyaryong mayroong cash card ng Landbank o ng First Consolidated Bank ngayong Hulyo.

Ang aming tanggapan ay patuloy ang pakikipag-ugnayan sa LBP tungkol dito.

Maraming salamat po sa inyong pag-unawa.

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DSWD MIMAROPA names Romero family as Huwarang Pantawid Pamilya 2019

The Romero Family of San Agustin, Romblon is Pantawid Pamilya MIMAROPA’s Huwarang Pamillya 2019

Malate, Manila – On June 4, 2019, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office MIMAROPA announced the Romero Family of Brgy. Bachawan, San Agustin, Romblon as this year’s Huwarang Pantawid Pamilya 2019.The Search which commenced on 2012, was conducted yearly to showcase the improvement in the lives of the family beneficiaries as the fruits of their own hard work and inspire the whole country despite the challenges they experience brought about by poverty.

The Romero Family is an active beneficiary of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program since 2010. Tess, the mother, is a sales lady, while Felix, the father, is a farmer and is serving as a barangay kagawad. The couple has seven children namely: John Paul, Dannica Joy, John Vincent, April Joy, Felix III, Princess Ella May, and John Angelo.

Tess and Felix’s income cannot always provide the needs of their children especially in school.  Hence, they raise their children to be contented on what they have and to be more understanding of their situation. As the children experience the hardships in life due to poverty, they become more determined to work hard to improve the life of their family. All of their children excels in school and they are also active in different school and community activities.

“Nagsisikap po kami talagang magkakapatid kasi gusto namin na masukllian ang pagod nila Mama at Papa at sila naman ay mabigyan ng kaginhawaan,” said April Joy, the 4th child.

Dannica Joy, the second child, has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in 2018. When she and her eldest brother, John Paul, were both in college, John Paul has to stop going to school to work as a security guard in Manila to help in financing the needs of their siblings. But as soon as Dannica Joy graduated, Felix encouraged John Paul to continue studying so he can fulfill his dream of graduating in college.

The family has also been inspiring their community not only because of their strong family relationship but also because of their compassion to others. Through the leadership and initiative of Felix, a foot bridge was built to cross the river dividing Sitio Iso and Sitio Agnaga.

“Dati rati po kasi tumatawid sila ng sapa habang pasan pasan ang kanilang mga kopra tapos ang mga estudyante malayo naman ang nilalakad para hindi mabasa ng tubig,” narrated Felix. Because of this, he encouraged the community members in both sitios to join together to create a foot bridge. Felix’s family provided foods for the volunteers until the construction of the bridge has finished.

Ultimately, the Romero Family maintain a God-centered life, demonstrated positive Filipino values, and created an impact to their community. With their acts of kindness, respect, humility, and love, the family has been recognized as a huwarang pamilya.

Aside from the Romero family, four families from other provinces of the region has also been recognized. The Orense Family of Bansud, Oriental Mindoro has been awarded the 2nd place, while the Sucidor Family of Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro got the 3rd place. The Cayapas Family of Roxas, Palawan and the Acuzar of Gasan, Marinduque got the 4th and 5th place, respectively.

On September 29, 2019, the Romero Family will represent the MIMAROPA Region in the National Family Day Congress to be conducted in Metro Manila. They will also be invited to be awarded during the DSWD MIMAROPA’s Regional Search for Exemplary Children 2019 on October 11, 2019 also in Metro Manila.

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