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DSWD MiMaRoPa orients staff on disaster management

DSWD MiMaRoPa Disaster Management Team Leaders meet with Officers of the Bureau of Fire Protection to tackle the structural requirements and staff's preparedness when "The Big One" occurs.

DSWD MiMaRoPa Disaster Management Team Leaders meet with the officers of the Bureau of Fire Protection to tackle the structural requirements and staff’s preparedness.

MALATE, MANILA – Safety is not the sole responsibility of the lead agency but everyone’s concern said Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

In an earthquake and fire awareness orientation held, Monday, July 27 at the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) MiMaRoPa regional office, BFP Fire Officer Ronald S. Lim said, “Occurrence of natural disasters cannot be prevented however, its impact can be mitigated.”

The said orientation is part of the Department’s effort to promote awareness and risk reduction management for unforeseeable conditions, also in celebration of the National Disaster Consciousness Month. Team Leaders’ meeting followed to clear roles and responsibilities of various committees to make it functional as possible.

Lim provided tips on how to protect oneself during a disaster like earthquake. When it strikes and you’re inside a building, always practice the ‘duck, cover and hold’, Lim added.

Duck or drop down to the floor during an earthquake. Then cover your head or hid under a table to prevent from danger spots or falling of hanging objects. If you take cover under a table, hold on to your position until the shaking stops to protect yourself.

BFP cited that being negligent, ignorant and stupid can cause disaster. But through constant communication and preparedness, worst scenarios can be lessen in natural and human-induced hazards.

Usually, fires occur after earthquakes due to the ground shaking that can cause electric lines to fall down and gas pipes to burst, Officer Lim said. Senior Inspector undertook structural assessment of the fire safety and also protection of the whole building as a requirement for fire safety certification.

“Know the nearest hospital, fire and police stations and their hotlines in your areas,” Lim concluded. ###


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DSWD on back-to-back meetings for PWDs and ‘seniors’

MALATE, MANILA– Ensuring that rights and privileges’ of person with disability (PWD) and senior citizen sectors are followed, different national government agencies gathered for the Regional Council on Disability Affairs (RCDA) meeting, Wednesday and for Regional Inter-agency Committee for Philippine Plan of Action for Senior Citizens (RIAC-PPASC) quarterly meeting, Thursday in the DSWD MiMaroPa regional office.

RCDA agency members propose of passing a resolution which will create four sub-committees of RCDA. According to the said resolution, the respective chairpersons will have a more focused monitoring in the implementation of PWDs laws, programs and activities.

Proposed sub-committees are: (1) Accessibility, Public Transports, Information Communication to be chaired by Department of Public Works and Highways, (2) Employment, Training and Livelihood to be chaired by Department of Labor and Employment, (3) Social Protection to be chaired by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and (4) Advocacy to be chaired by the  Philippine Information Agency. This will be reflected also at the provincial and municipal level.

On the other hand,  RIAC-PPASC members to intensify the information drive and monitoring of Republic Act 9994 also known as Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010  which grants additional benefits and privileges to senior citizens.

According to law, senior citizens are entitled to 20% discount in purchasing of goods and services from all establishments. This includes (a) on buying of medicines, (b) professional fees of physicians in all hospitals, (c) medical and dental services, (d) fares, (e) hotels/ restaurants and similar establishments services; (f) in theaters, cinema houses, concert halls and other recreation centers, and (g) funeral and burial services.

“Establishments proven to violate RA 9994 will be penalized with a fine ranging from php50,000.00 to php200.000.00 with an imprisonment ranging from two years to six years depending on the occurrence of the violation,” Focal Person for senior citizens, Maricel dela Vega said.

Senior citizens who experienced refusal on the 20% discount may report to the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) at the municipal or city level.###

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DSWD to close regionwide household assessment this month

MALATE, MANILA—The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office MiMaRoPa through the Listahanan will end the regionwide household assessment this July 2015.

As of this writing, the Department has assessed a total of 490,576 or 83.25% of its targets.

All generated household data are encoded into a web application and subject for proxy means testing or PMT- the Department’s statistical process which determines the family economic status, whether poor or not based on given variables.

DSWD also calls public who are not yet interviewed by enumerators to participate in this listing. “They have to check if their houses have household stickers posted as proof of assessment. If none, they can coordinate our municipal team or at their respective Municipal Social Welfare and Development Offices,” said Field Coordinator Ernie H. Jarabejo.

Households who were not included during the regular assessment can apply through the on-demand application (ODA).

The department schedules ODA on the following months as part of finalization of initial list of poor and non-poor families at the local level for validation in the community.

Listahanan is the government’s mechanism in identifying who and where the poor are in the country and become potential beneficiaries of various social protection programs and services. ###

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DSWD MiMaRoPa releases P22M for ESA in Palawan


DSWD staff orient ESA recipients in Salvacion, Busuanga Palawan on its guidelines and processes.

MALATE, MANILA— The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) MiMaRoPa releases a total of 22 million pesos budget for the Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) of 734 typhoon Yolanda-affected families in Busuanga, Coron and Culion Palawan.

ESA is a cash grant provided to families whose houses are either totally or partially damaged. It may be released in cash or in the form of construction materials, dependent on the situation favorable to beneficiaries and the timelines set.

Aside from families who have no permanent source of income or whose income is below the poverty threshold. The following are also eligible to receive ESA according to guidelines:

  1. Families whose houses were either partially or totally damaged located in safe areas or in controlled areas;
  2. Families who are renting or sharing houses which are totally or partially damaged provided they are listed in the official DSWD- Disaster Family Access Card (DAFAC);
  3. Families whose heads are employed in government or private sector but whose term of employment are not permanent/regular and do not have housing loans;
  4. Regular employees of government and private sectors with fix monthly salary below P15,000.00;
  5. Individuals who are considered lone survivors due to the untimely demise of the other family members due to the typhoon; and
  6. Families listed in items 1-4 who already self-repair, may be granted the assistance as long as their names are included in DSWD-DAFAC.

The municipality of Busuanga received P8, 500, 00.00 for 284 ESA beneficiaries in four barangays while Culion received P6, 000,000.00 for 200 beneficiaries in 11 barangays and P7, 500,000.00 was funded for 250 recipients in six barangays of Coron, Palawan.

Malaking tulong ito para mas magkaroon kami ng desenteng bahay. At sa halagang aming matatanggap higit na magiging matibay ang aming tahanan para hindi basta-bastang masisira ng anumang kalamidad,” said Elmar Alcantara, ESA recipient, San Rafael, Busuanga Palawan.

ESA grants of P30, 000.00 to families whose houses are totally damaged while victims with partially damaged can receive P10,000.00. The said financial aid will be distributed by the local government units thru the fund-transfer formalized by a Memorandum of Agreement between the department. Meanwhile, said LGUs are expected to liquidate the fund within this year. ###

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Pantawid Pamilya partner-beneficiaries receive free government services

A fellow partner-beneficiary helps an elder Mangyan in getting her cash grant during the Pantawid Pamilya payout in San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro.

A fellow partner-beneficiary helps an elder Mangyan in getting her cash grant during the Pantawid Pamilya payout in San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro.

San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro – More than 1,000 partner-beneficiaries attended the payout of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program last June 26, 2015. In coordination with the local government and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the regular activity of DSWD MiMaRoPa was maximized to be able to provide free services such as dental and medical check-up, haircut, massage, and opportunities to inquire on government processes on various agencies i.e. Commission on Election (COMELEC), Social Security System (SSS) and PhilHealth.

Ang gawain po ngayong araw ay para po talaga sa inyo upang mas mailapit sa inyo ang mga serbisyo ng gobyerno. Ito po ay isang paraan ng pagpapakita ng convergence hindi lamang sa mga programang inihahain ng DSWD kundi ng iba’t-ibang ahensya at ng mga civil society groups,” said Mrs. Purificacion Arriola, Protective Services Division Chief.

Municipal Mayor Salvador Py is also present in the event and expressed his gratitude for the initiative and continuous efforts of the Department in servicing the poor and vulnerable people.

Maximizing the day not only provides awareness on the Department’s programs and services but also to the different sectors. The other agencies and organizations present are: Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), RedCross, Mangyan Mission, NorFil Foundation, iHelp Inc., LOBO Community and Development Inc., Mangyan Tribal Church Association, Pampamayanan Mangyan Ugnayan, Inc., German Doctors and Kapitolyo Para sa Mamamayan.

Voice of the People  

Parent Leaders huddle as  they discuss how DSWD programs and services brought change in their lives.

Parent Leaders huddle as they discuss how DSWD programs and services brought change in their lives.

On the same day, the Parent Leaders’ Dialogue cum CSO-Led Forum was also conducted. With 150 parent leaders and iHelp as facilitators, the activity aims to encourage and empower the partner-beneficiaries to be articulators of change brought by the various social protective programs and services of the Department. Each of their stories also aims to inspire others to do better in their own households, and in turn in their communities.

During the workshop, the partner-beneficiaries were grouped to tackle their issues and concerns on the programs and services of DSWD. Voicing their concerns and addressing them allows for better understanding and implementation.

Nagpapasalamat kami dahil nakikita namin sa DSWD ang mga pagbabago sa buhay ninyong aming mga partner-beneficiaries. Hindi natin makakamit ang pagbabago kung kami lang ang gagawa dahil sa inyo magmumula ang pagbabago,” said Ms. Maridel Rodriguez, Provincial Link of Pantawid Pamilya in Oriental Mindoro.

The same activity was also done in Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro with almost a hundred participants. ###

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Statement by Richard Bolt, ADB’s Philippines Country Director, on Pantawid Conditional Cash Transfer Program

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) would like to address recent media reports about the Pantawid conditional cash transfer (CCT) program, that have created false impressions about how program funds have been used. ADB reiterates its full support for the program, which has helped improve the health, education and job opportunities of nearly 4.5 million poor families in the Philippines.

It is unfortunate that outdated data was used in media reports claiming that 19 billion pesos of program funds did not go to intended beneficiaries. That figure is based on a calculation drawn from outdated 2009 data—at a time when the budget for the program was much smaller—rather than the most recent 2014 budget. Initial targeting errors have been substantially reduced by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), with advice from ADB and other partners. It is important to note that these targeting errors did not lead to misappropriation or misuse of funds.

Since 2010, ADB has worked closely with DSWD to ensure funding goes to intended beneficiaries. ADB technical assistance has supported DSWD in implementing measures—such as a grievance redress mechanism, extra training for staff, and spot checks in the field—to improve targeting models so they exclude non-eligible families.

As part of ADB’s continuing efforts to improve the program’s effectiveness, a new round of poverty assessment processes is ongoing to update the status of beneficiary households and ensure funds are properly directed.

This program provides cash grants to poor households based on their fulfillment of  health and education related conditions. From a small pilot of 6,000 families in 2007, the program has grown rapidly to cover 4.5 million families at the end of 2014. In terms of people reached, Pantawid is now the world’s third largest CCT program after Brazil and Mexico. Rigorous impacts evaluations have shown that the program is meeting its overall objectives. Monitoring and evaluation of the program by government and partners will continue.

For participating households, Pantawid has helped to promote near-universal enrolment of elementary school-age children, reduced child labor, and improved access to pre- and post-natal care. ADB is proud to partner with and support the government on this flagship program for poverty reduction.

Reprinted from:

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DSWD to use tablets for Listahanan assessment in MiMaRoPa

MALATE, MANILA– The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) MiMaRoPa through the Listahanan will use tablets to conduct household assessment in urban areas of Mindoro, Marinduque, Palawan and Romblon provinces.

A total of 360 units of mobile device are allocated for selected barangays.

The classification of urban and rural areas in the region is based from the from the Philippine Statistics Authority data.

The Department will install and use the mobile version of Family Assessment Form (FAF).  FAF contains indicators such as household composition, housing structure, and education of household members, material assets and access to basic services which is critical in identifying the socio-economic status of a family whether they are poor or not.

Moreover, DSWD targets 158,112 households in the urban barangays regionwide or 27 percent of the total target.

“Utilizing android tablets will maximize the information technology and facilitate the digitization of the family assessment. Also it lessens the cost for hiring more encoders thus it saves time for the encoding process,” said Regional Field Coordinator Ernie H. Jarabejo.

Hired enumerators will be deployed starting this month to do household interviews using these tablets.

The ongoing Listahanan assessment in rural areas where the paper version of FAFs is used, has completed 414,189 households or 70 percent from its target.

Listahanan is a mechanism of targeting poor households in the country. Identified poor are potential beneficiaries of various governments’ poverty alleviation programs. ###

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DSWD MiMaRoPa to conduct high school graduation rites for Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries

The student-representatives from MiMaRoPa region listen to the keynote speech of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III during the Pantawid Pamilya graduation celebration at Araneta Coliseum.

The student-representatives from MiMaRoPa region listen to the keynote speech of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III during the Pantawid Pamilya graduation celebration at Araneta Coliseum.

Malate, Manila – The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is now reaping the fruits of its labor from its flagship program, the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program through its first batch of high school graduates this year. A total of 333,673 children partner-beneficiaries graduated nationwide. Out of the total, more than 14,000 came from MiMaRoPa region.

Out of this number, 4,909 came from Palawan; 5,249 from Oriental Mindoro; 1,836 from Occidental Mindoro; 1,464 from Romblon while 1,246 are graduates from Marinduque.

A post-graduation celebration was held at the Araneta Coliseum last April 23, 2015 with more than 10,000 students in attendance. Five representatives from each of the provinces in MiMaRoPa region were present in the event. They were the top honor students in their schools.

The theme, “Pagtatapos Nyo, Tagumpay ng Pilipino,” recognize the efforts of the graduate beneficiaries as they finish a chapter in their academic life.

Arnaldo Bautista, the class valedictorian of Ligaya National High School from Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro said “Poverty is not a hindrance to success,” adding that life is not easy, but it is not a reason to give up.

Her mother accounted that, “Hindi mo mapapa-absent ang batang yan kahit walang pamasahe o baon makapasok lang sa school”.  Arnaldo has to walk four kilometers from their home to school at times when they have financial difficulties. With Pantawid Pamilya, Arnaldo’s ‘baon’, school supplies and uniform were covered whenever they received their cash grant. For Arnaldo, graduating from high school is just the beginning and a step towards achieving his dreams.

There is still a lot of work to do for the young people like Arnaldo to reach his goals in life but fueled by love for their families and the help from others, it is not impossible to attain them. The DSWD ensures that assistance does not end in graduation celebration but also ushers them to the better life they want.

The post-graduation celebration of the region will be held in Boac, Marinduque, to honor selected Pantawid Pamilya graduates along with their parents on May 20.

For the complete list of names of the Pantawid Pamilya graduates, please click on the link below.

List of Pantawid Pamilya High School Graduates for 2015


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