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DSWD QRT Orientation


DSC_0998Malate, Manila – Quick Response Team Orientation for Department of Social Welfare and Development Officials and Staff facilitated by Concepcion P. Deymos, Social Welfare Officer.

Orientation aims to heighten awareness, preparedness, and involvement of staff during disaster particularly for El Nino Phenomenon in MiMaRoPa.


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POO Provided QRT and Election-Related Updates to Public


San Jose – Pantawid Pamilya Provincial Operations Office (POO) staff of Occidental Mindoro were invited to guest in the radio program “Para Sa Bayan” by Heart FM this morning.

POO staff provided updates and answered election-related queries about the program. Also, efforts on the on-going Quick Response Team (QRT) regarding the drought in the province were discussed.

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MiMaRoPans bracing selves from El Niño

Malate, Manila – Despite the continuous impact of El Niño weather phenomenon in MiMaRoPa, 11,043 affected farmers/fisherfolks have remained resilient and optimistic that drought is ephemeral and will eventually end.

Department of Social Welfare and Development has consistently been part of this unwavering hope. Department has committed to unswervingly provided relief assistance to the affected areas.

As of 3PM, 20 April, DSWD has already delivered Php 1,701,960.00 to MiMaRoPa.

From 11,043 farmers/fisherfolks, 151 are from Oriental Mindoro; 2,551 from Occidental Mindoro; 878 from Romblon; 1, 205 from Marinduque; and 6,258 from Palawan.

In Cagayancillo, Palawan, all 605 Pantawid beneficiaries are affected.

Also, according to Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO), affected agriculture areas are the following: 62.6 hectares in Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro; 1,223.35 ha of rice fields in 14 municipalities of Romblon; 700 ha of cultivated lowland rice area in Araceli, Palawan; 408.94 ha of rice fields in Narra, Palawan; 884.1 ha of land in Quezon, Palawan; and 251.45 ha of land in San Vicente, Palawan.

DSWD is consistently preparing and delivering family food packs to the affected areas.

A total of 1, 428 family food packs were delivered to Araceli Palawan while 1, 598  were distributed to Roxas, Palawan.

In addition, a total of 478 family food packs were distributed to the municipality of Odiongan, Romblon while 300 family food packs, amounting to Php108,000.00 were delivered to Oriental Mindoro.

NJSC General Merchandisse in the province of Oriental Mindoro donated the following with a total amount of Php 940,197.30: 23,328 cans of corned beef; 20,800 cans of sardines; and 31,200 3-in-1 coffee sachet.

As of this writing, there is an on-going procurement of 2, 500 bottles of six-liter bottled water and 625 kilos of monggo in Oriental Mindoro.

In order to expedite the relief assistance to the affected areas, DSWD will deploy staff based on El Nino Deploymnet Plan and will continue its coordination with other concerned agencies such as Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Philippine Red Cross, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Church Organizations, and Local Government Units (LGUs).


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MiMaRoPa El Niño: DSWD step up efforts

Malate, Manila – Department of Social Welfare and Development, in coordination with aid agencies, is stepping up help for the affected families in MiMaRoPa, amid concerns over the conditions faced by the victims.

As of 3PM, 19 April, report shows that there are 10, 663 affected farmers/fisherfolks in forty (40) municipalities in MiMaRoPa.

Of the 10,663 affected farmers/fisherfoks, 151 are from Oriental Mindoro; 2,175 from Occidental Mindoro; 878 from Romblon; 1205 from Marinduque; and 6,254 from Palawan.


DSWD Quick Response Team monitoring the impact of El Nino in MiMaRoPa

Focus is turning to delivery of food packs and assistance.

A total of 300 food packs were transported to Calapan, Oriental Mindoro.

On the other hand, a cash for work amounted to Php206,000.00 were provided to a total of 100 beneficiaries for the cleaning of irrigation canals and water lily impounding facility in four (4) municipalities of Romblon.

For Palawan, 1, 428 food packs were delivered to Araceli Palawan while 799 family food packs were provided to Roxas Palawan.

Also, 822 affected farmers were included in the proposal for Immediate Short Term Employment thru Cash For Work in the three (3) barangays of Roxas, Palawan with a total budget requirement of Php1,911,060.00 in partnership with municipal or barangay local government unit having a proposed counterpart of Php530,000.00.

Proposals are to be transmitted and for approval of the regional office.


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DSWD MiMaRoPa Advisory on El Niño

Malate, Manila – As of 3PM of April 17, the catastrophic impact of El Niño in MiMaRoPa left the region with 8, 311 affected farmers or fisherfolks in 38 municipalities.
In Oriental Mindoro, there are 151 affected farmers in municipalities of Bansud, Mansalay and Pinamalayan while there are 1,564 devastated farmers or fisherfolks in municipalities of Looc, Lubang, Magsaysay, San Jose, Sta. Cruz, Mamburao, and Sablayan Occidental Mindoro. Most of them are watermelon, onion, garlic and corn growers.
On the other hand, there are 100 affected farmers or fisherfolks in municipalities of Alcantara, San Andres, Odiongan and Ferrol Romblon while there are 809 distraught farmers or fisherfolks in municipalities of Boac, Mogpog, Torrijos and Buenavista Marinduque.
Palawan experienced the greatest impact of El Niño . A total of 5,687 affected farmers or fisherfolks in ten (10) municipalities of Palawan has been reported.
DSWD MiMaRoPa, in coordination with other concerned agencies, is doing its peak effort in order to provide the necessary assistance to the affected areas.
As of today, April 18, there are 4,748 family food packs prepositioned and ready for distribution.
In line with this, a total amount of Php 206,000.00 cash for work has already been provided to 100 beneficiaries for the cleaning of irrigation canals and water lily impounding facility in the four (4) municipalities of Romblon: Alcantara, San Andres, Odiongan and Ferrol.
In order to ensure support to relief operations, the department is finalizing the El Nino Deployment Plan for immediate implementation. Also, there is an on-going repacking of goods at Social Welfare and Development (SWAD) field offices in MiMaRoPa.
DSWD is constantly coordinating with the Local Government Units (LGUs) and Municipal Agriculturist of MiMaRoPa for on-site validation or assessment of affected families.###

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DSWD Monitors Impact of El Niño in MiMaRoPa

MANILA, Philippines – Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) IV- MiMaRoPa Quick Response Team (QRT) in coordination with Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management (PDRRM), Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), Department of Agriculture, National Irrigation Administration (NIA), and Office Civil Defence (OCD) closely monitors the extreme effects of El-Niño-induced drought which has been continually felt across MiMaRoPa, especially in Occidental Mindoro, Palawan and Romblon.

El Niño refers to the abnormal warming of the sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific (CEEP) is characterized by below normal rainfall.

The human and economic toll from drought is increasingly apparent in MiMaRoPa.

PAGASA is still observing the tropical Pacific while DSWD, DA, and NIA have joint efforts to identify the affected areas and families, especially farmers and fishermen, in MiMaRoPa.

Based on the initial report of PDDRM, Occidental Mindoro, as of 3:00 PM April 15, 2016, there are six (6) affected municipalities from the province of Occidental Mindoro which have been adversely affected by El Nino. These are municipalities of Looc, Lubang, Magsaysay, San Jose, Sta. Cruz and Sablayan.

From the said six (6) municipalities, 13 barangays are affected. However, there are barangays from the municipality of Sta. Cruz which are still needed to be identified.

Also, in Occidental Mindoro, there are 755 farmers affected by El Nino. Most of them are onion, garlic, and corn growers.

On the other hand, based on the submitted report from the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist of Odiongan Romblon, a total of 1,223.35 hectares have been adversely affected in 14 municipalities of Romblon. Most of these are composed of rice fields.

Social Welfare and Development Team (SWADT) in Romblon is currently coordinating with the Local Government Unit of the province for further updates.

DSWD, in coordination with other concerned agencies, is taking its precautionary measures in order to mitigate the impacts of this phenomenon.

“We are exerting our best effort in order to expedite the release of assistance needed by MiMaRoPans who are painfully affected by El Nino,” according to DSWD IV-MiMaRoPa Regional Director Wilma D. Naviamos.
Members of DSWD QRT are continuously updating the data of number of affected barangays, families and persons in MiMaRoPa.

“We have instructed our Municipal Quick Response Teams to coordinate with the counterpart DA representatives, local agriculturists and irrigation officers of NIA, if there’s any, for urgent joint on-site assessment or validation and outright direct interventions to farmers and fisherfolks in the priority communities by DSWD,” emphasized RD Naviamos.

Relief goods and other assistance needed are being prepared for quick distribution in the affected areas. Local purchases of drinking water and mongo beans in the provinces of Occidental Mindoro and Palawan are on-going that will form part of food packs.

“DSWD shall provide actual foodpacks, mineral water and monggo beans for outright food assistance for cash for work programs and other alternative livelihood activities,” said RD Naviamos.

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