CALAPAN City – In a significant collaborative effort to combat poverty and foster sustainable economic development, the MIMAROPA regional offices of the Department of Social Welfare Development (DSWD) and the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) have forged a partnership on the Listahanan Data Sharing Agreement.

“This innovative alliance is set to revolutionize poverty reduction strategies by providing targeted support and policy interventions to uplift the most vulnerable segments of society through Listahanan,” says DSWD Regional Director Leonardo Reynoso.

Listahanan, a government’s mechanism for identifying who and where the poor are, reveals about 193,467 households or 30% of the total 651,884 assessed in the MIMAROPA Region are poor, according to the Listahanan Third Round Assessment or Listahanan 3.

“As the premiere socio-economic planning agency mandated to formulate continuing, coordinated, and fully integrated socio-economic policies, plans, and programs that will steer socio-economic growth and development, the NEDA MIMAROPA fully appreciates and recognizes the importance of the Listahanan as a reliable source of information,” says NEDA Regional Director Agustin Mendoza.

This systematic database will serve as a crucial monitoring and evaluation tool for assessing the effectiveness of poverty alleviation programs. This iterative process will facilitate adaptive policy-making and ensure the continuous improvement of interventions.

By combining the expertise of the DSWD in social welfare and the NEDA’s economic development perspective, this partnership seeks to establish a holistic approach to poverty reduction. Recognizing the interplay between social and economic factors, the government is laying the foundation for inclusive growth and shared prosperity.

Listahanan is vital in formulating appropriate strategies and programs to achieve a continuous reduction of poverty in the region, added Mendoza.

The collaboration between the DSWD and NEDA represents a significant step forward in the country’s comprehensive efforts to combat poverty Reynoso said.

The Listahanan 3 list of the poor is available and accessible to all social protection stakeholders through the Department’s standard data-sharing agreement.

Interested parties must accomplish the standard DSA form, designate a data protection officer, and establish security measures in compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

We will continue to work with the DSWD and other partner agencies in ensuring the social and economic transformation of individuals and families particularly the most vulnerable sectors of society, ended Mendoza.###