In the heart of Cajidiocan, Romblon, Barangay Danao witnessed a decade-long transformation led by Roger R. Ragot. From a volunteer driven by a desire for positive change, into a Barangay Kagawad, shaping not just his destiny but the entire community’s.

In 2013, Roger embarked on Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan–Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Service (KALAHI-CIDSS) that redefined the development progress of him and of Barangay Danao itself.

As a volunteer of KALAHI-CIDSS, he dedicated his time and energy to uplifting the lives of Danao’s residents, starting as a PSA Volunteer.

Facing challenges such as low self-esteem, Roger confronted them with determination, finding strength in the capacity-building activities of the program that transformed him into a more confident and capable individual.

As he performed beyond his role, the Barangay Danao experienced a metamorphosis. Old buildings turned into places for community gatherings, empty lands became home to new projects, and people who were once divided now work together for positive change. With the leadership he showed, his roles expanded as a Chairperson of the Barangay Sub-Project Management Committee (BSPMC), where his involvement in decision-making processes deepened, contributing significantly to the community’s development.

Roger’s journey took an unexpected turn as he transitioned from a KALAHI-CIDSS volunteer to an Alternative Learning System (ALS) instructor and a Lupon member in the barangay. Through the years, he overcame insecurities and transformed into a confident person, becoming a source of inspiration for others.

He influenced and inspired his barangay, making him win the election as Barangay Kagawad in 2018. As a public official, he serves with excellence, advocating for policies prioritizing the welfare of the community, especially the children. He champions community empowerment because he had firsthand experience in the Community-Driven Development (CDD)–the KALAHI-CIDSS process to alleviate poverty.

Through CDD, he saw the effectiveness of volunteerism in community development and therefore, instilled in the community members the principles of participatory, transparency, and accountability. He empowers his community as KALAHI-CIDSS empowered him.

Written by Mabelle Regala, Community Empowerment Facilitator;
Assisted by Melanie Regala, Community Development Officer.