Anchored on the Youth Development Sessions implemented by the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office MIMAROPA has initiated perceptive programs and activities for the children-beneficiaries of 4Ps to lessen the presence of Out-of-School Youth in the country. 

These development programs primarily aim to equip Filipino children with necessary life skills to realize their full positive potential — so they could eventually further promote the welfare and development of the youth in the marginalized sector.

Photo 1: The Kasarang Youth Federation during their Oath Taking Ceremony facilitated by Mayor Atty. Lisette M. Arboleda

Aside from this, equal efforts and smart strategies were also being done avidly by the 4Ps Municipal Operations Offices (MOOs) in the region. These offices first-handedly witness the real problems in the community and receive suggestions and inputs from the beneficiaries. Hence, their ideas and insights to implement a specific program for the youth-beneficiaries of 4Ps are, no doubt, based on closer examinations and discussions on key issues affecting the youth.


One prominent example of this is the initiative of MOO Looc, Romblon in response to the rising number of suicide cases in the said municipality.  They thought of developing and empowering youth leadership among the kabataang 4Ps for them to become self-reliant, economically productive, and socially responsible citizens to contribute to the development of their family and community.

In collaboration with the Sangguniang Kabataan Municipal Federation, Local Youth Development Officer Jimwel Soriano, and the strong support and guidance from Municipal Mayor Atty. Lisette M. Arboleda, the Kasarang Youth Federation (KYF) was officially established last March 13, 2024  to federate various local youth movements to harness the potential and leadership capacity of young community members.  

“Our organization extends its reach to all 4Ps beneficiaries. Its primary objective is to cultivate an inclusive and empowering environment where individuals, particularly the 4Ps youth, feel liberated to pursue their aspirations without constraints.

Sadly, 4Ps often carries unwarranted stigma, unfairly labeling youth as “poor and incapable”, leading to bullying and social exclusion in schools. Our mission is to challenge and dismantle these misconceptions.” KYF President Irish Francis Vicente, an 18 year-old monitored child, said.

Photo 2: The KYF during an initial meeting with the Municipal Mayor of Looc

Representing every barangay of the locality, it is composed of twelve promising youth individuals who have been entrusted with a pivotal role which is to become the face and voice of the kabataang 4Ps. Their mandate extends beyond mere representation; they are tasked with empowering their peers, crafting innovative programs, and spearheading activities that address the pressing issues and concerns faced by the 4Ps youth.

“We aspire to foster a paradigm shift, instilling in youth a sense of agency and purpose, emphasizing that being part of the 4Ps program doesn’t define their potential. Instead, we aim to illuminate the program’s benefits and instill a belief in our collective ability to effect positive change. Through collaboration and empowerment, we envision a brighter future for all.

Presently, our federation is prioritizing mental health awareness, actively devising strategic initiatives in collaboration with experts to address pressing issues faced by our community.” KYF President Vicente stated.

Underpinning this initiative is a commitment to inclusivity, empowerment, and community-driven solutions. By leveraging their diverse perspectives and abilities, the goal is to cultivate a community that values proactive citizenship and teamwork. The group is poised to effect positive change and uplift the aspiration of youth through collaboration, mentorship, and ongoing support from local authorities.

As they embark on this significant journey, they recognize the immense potential of being young leaders to drive meaningful impact and shape the future of the community. With determination, passion, and a shared vision for progress, they can create a more inclusive and prosperous future for all. 

Photo 3: Federation Officers with Looc Municipal Links and Mayor President: Irish Francis Vicente; Vice President: Antonette Obcianal; Secretary General: Sofia Marie Cuasay; Finance Director: Allan Dulay; Public Information Officer: Willard Teologo; Board of Directors: Clarrlie Lugo, Realyn Mayor, Adrian Diaz, Rheanna Gregorio, Jessa Igno, Karl Lorenz Villa, Rojan Isaan Hilario