“Education and self-confidence are the core of women’s empowerment” – Mrs. Abayon

She is Erlinda Pamela Rosales Abayon, 70 years old and a resident of Santa Theresa, Gloria, Oriental Mindoro. She is a graduate of BS Accountancy and took a doctorate degree in Management. She also took up Professional Health Advocate. She worked as a Director of an American Company based in the Philippines for 40 years and as a professor and taught Management, Economics and Social Studies in the graduate studies. 

Mrs. Abayon is affectionately called “Doctora” by her fellow senior citizens and colleagues. She has three children, all successful professionals: a doctor, an accountant, and an electrical engineer. Mrs. Abayon became an advocate for a company that specializes in organic medicines, traveling to promote and share knowledge about these products. 

In 2012, she moved to Oriental Mindoro and began teaching health advocacy in Pinamalayan, eventually establishing her own clinic. That’s when she met her now husband, Mr. Henry Abayon. On the other hand, her husband is the Federation President of the Senior Citizens in Gloria, Oriental Mindoro. As a supportive wife, she helps him in everything he does for their fellow senior citizens. She was elected as the adviser of the federation of senior citizens in Gloria and one of her roles is to handle grievances. She diligently received and patiently resolved a lot of the grievances of the senior citizens thus, helping her husband in the federation.

As an adviser, she does not receive any compensation nor allowance in exchange for her work. She pays for her own transportation and all the other expenses whenever she attends to different federation meetings. All that for the love for her husband and for her fellow elderly. According to her, the fact that they see and appreciate her help is more than enough for her. Her commitment goes beyond the surface, weaving a tapestry of genuine care and support for the elderly within her community. Mrs. Abayon is not merely an advocate; she is a driving force, fostering a sense of belonging and security among her co-senior citizens.

As a woman, her impact becomes even more significant, breaking barriers and showcasing the incredible strength and leadership potential that women bring to community service. Mrs. Abayon’s story is a testament to the fact that women have unwavering dedication serves as an inspiration, not only to her peers but to the entire community. She embodies the spirit of community service, proving that a woman can catalyze positive change and elevate the quality of life for many. 

DSWD MIMAROPA acknowledges her significant role in the community and the impact it resonates far beyond the immediate, leaving an indelible mark on the collective wellbeing of her community and for the better implementation of the Social Pension Program.

Mabuhay ang kababaihan! Mabuhay ang senior citizens!