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Clarence Joy D. Salmorin’s graduation photo

“Ako naman ngayon, Ma, Pa. Papa, pangarap kong di ka na magbibilad ng palay. Mama, ‘di ka na mag-iisip ng kung ano-anong sideline para matulungan si Papa sa pagtustos sa pangangailangan natin sa araw-araw. Kasi ngayon, ako naman.”

This is how Clarence Joy D. Salmorin, a 23-year-old achiever from Brgy. Morente, Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro, joyfully expressed her deep love and solicitude towards her parents upon achieving another significant win in her life: securing the Top 5 among the 50,539 secondary teachers who passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers in March 2024.

Aside from this, she graduated as Magna Cum Laude from Mindoro State University with a Bachelor of Secondary Education, majoring in Science. This remarkable accomplishment stands as a testament to her diligence and the unwavering support of her family.

Clarence Joy, the eldest child of Gina and Elmer Salmorin, hails from a humble and hardworking family that faces daily challenges with unwavering determination. Gina, a devoted housewife, and Elmer, a diligent rice mill laborer, epitomize resilience and hope for their four (4) children. Despite their modest means, they never falter in their commitment to support their family. Their relentless dedication and countless sacrifices have enabled Clarence Joy to pursue her education and aspire for a brighter future.

With the vital assistance from the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), the Salmorin family’s collective efforts have borne fruit, allowing Clarence Joy to soar to new heights.

“Isang matinding pagsubok ang makapag-aral at makapagtapos para sa katulad kong mahirap. Sabi ng marami, hindi raw hadlang ang kahirapan upang makamit ang tagumpay ngunit sa panahong ito na ang kakarampot na kinikita ng ordinaryong mamamayan ay sapat lamang upang maitawid ang isa o hanggang dalawang araw ng pagkain, tunay na ito ay balakid,” Clarence Joy stated.

It was in 2008 when the family became a 4Ps beneficiary and started receiving cash grants and Family and Youth Development Sessions (F/YDS).

For Clarence Joy, passing the board exam marked a transformative milestone, unveiling a horizon brimming with new possibilities and significant changes. Professionally, this achievement not only bestows her with the credentials but also infuses her with the confidence to carve out a successful career in her chosen field. Doors that once seemed distant now stand ajar, inviting her to explore roles and opportunities that were once beyond her reach. This milestone amplifies her earning potential and promises a newfound sense of stability and fulfillment, enabling her to make meaningful contributions to the community.

“Passing the board exam marks the beginning of a new chapter with promise and the realization of long-held aspirations,” she uttered.

On a personal level, this success is a powerful testament to her hard work and perseverance, profoundly boosting her self-esteem. It empowers her to better support her family, both financially and emotionally, transforming her dreams into tangible realities. With this achievement, Clarence Joy not only uplifts herself but also brings renewed hope and joy to those she loves most — her family.

“Lubos akong nagpapasalamat sa Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) sa pagkakataong maging parte ang aming pamilya sa benepisyong natatanggap mula sa 4Ps. Nawa ay marami pa kayong matulungan na mga katulad ko na nagmula sa simpleng pamilya na may malaking pangarap na maiahon sila sa kahirapan,” Clarence Joy’s message of gratitude to the Department.

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Clarence Joy during her Graduation Ceremony in Mindoro State University on April 2024

To convey a message of hope and change to young people aspiring for success, Clarence Joy would emphasize the paramount importance of perseverance, resilience, and a steadfast belief in one’s potential. By sharing her personal journey, she would vividly recount the challenges and obstacles she encountered, illustrating how each hurdle strengthened her resolve and determination. She underscores that success is not an overnight event but the culmination of consistent hard work, learning from failures, and unwavering focus on one’s goals.

She stresses the immense value of education, the pursuit of continuous self-improvement, and the importance of seeking mentorship or guidance from those who have traversed similar paths. She believes these elements are crucial in motivating young individuals to strive for their dreams. Moreover, she reminds them that each person’s journey is unique, and that comparing oneself to others is far less important than recognizing and celebrating one’s own progress and growth.

Through her story, she aims to inspire young dreamers to believe in themselves and persistently thrive to chase their aspirations.