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DSWD MIMAROPA starts training field workers for 2019 Listahanan household assessment

DSWD MIMAROPA OIC-Regional Director Floreceli G. Gunio inspires Listahanan field workers in Occidental Mindoro to secure a credible and accurate data.

MALATE, Manila– The Department of Social Welfare and (DSWD) MIMAROPA has completed training of Area Coordinators and Supervisors for the upcoming nationwide Listahanan 3rd Round Household Assessment. They will be assigned in Occidental and Oriental Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan provinces.

The four-day training for Coordinators was conducted on September 2-6 in Metro Manila while the four cluster trainings for Supervisors were simultaneously conducted on September 16-20, 2019 in Palawan, Occidental and Oriental Mindoro.

Listahanan is a government mechanism to identify who and where the poor are. It is mandated to update the database of poor households every four years. The first assessment was conducted in 2009 and the second assessment was in 2015.

“The 2019 household assessment targets 622,230 households regionwide. There are 186,625 target households in Oriental Mindoro; 95,120 in Occidental Mindoro; 50,611 in Marinduque; 65,436 in Romblon and 224,438 households in Palawan, said Listahanan Regional Coordinator Ernie Jarabejo.

However the households target per province may increase or decrease depending on the actual number of households assessed.

The training aims to equip Listahanan workers with new concepts, strategies and supervision skills for the actual field deployment, said Jarabejo.

On the other hand, the household assessment is expected to kick off this October and will last until December with a regional budget of P78.2 million for the data collection phase.

In MIMAROPA, 32 Area Coordinators, 165 Area Supervisors and 829 Enumerators were hired to administer house-to-house interviews in 1,460 barangays regionwide. ###

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DSWD MIMAROPA trains LGUs to sustain Kalahi-CIDSS subprojects

Participants from Local Government Units from different municipalities in Oriental Mindoro, Occidental Mindoro, and Romblon posed with staff of DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS MIMAROPA after the successful 3-day workshop on Sustainability Evaluation facilitation on July 24-26 at A. Venue Hotel, Makati.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development – MIMAROPA held the first of the two workshops for local government unit (LGU) representatives to ensure that Kalahi-CIDSS projects in the region are sustainable and are able to continue to deliver intended benefits to the community.

LGU representatives from Occidental Mindoro, Oriental Mindoro, and Romblon attended the workshop on the Sustainability Evaluation facilitation at A. Venue Hotel, Makati. The 3-day workshop held on July 24-26, 2019, aimed to equip the Municipal Stakeholders Inspectorate Team (MSIT) with the skills to assess the sub-project functionality.

The Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan – Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (Kalahi-CIDSS) is a poverty alleviation program of the government which uses the Community-Driven Development (CDD) approach in its pursuit to contribute to the poverty alleviation efforts of the agency.

With CDD, communities are trained to choose, design, and implement sub-projects that address their most pressing needs.

Six months after the completion of the sub-project, the MSIT are required to conduct the Sustainability Evaluation which utilizes a survey tool that uses indicators as basis for assessment. Sub-projects are assessed in terms of organizational component, financial management system, physical-technical operations, and maintenance conditions.

OIC- Regional Director Floreceli G. Gunio urged the participants to work towards a strengthened partnership between LGUs and the national government.

“Sana tayo ay sama-samang tutugon sa pangangailangan ng tao, tayo ay sama-samang kikilos nang may malasakit,” she said.

The next workshop will be conducted on July 29-31 in Puerto Princesa City to be attended by LGU representatives from Palawan.

As of July 2019, there are a total of 1,623 completed Kalahi-CIDSS sub-project in MIMAROPA.

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No more classes under Banaba Tree

Ma’am Evelyn Urieta-Rivera, Principal of Sta. Lucia Elementary School in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

When Evelyn Urieta-Rivera, 57, received her new assignment as an elementary school principal three years ago, she was ecstatic. On her 33rd year of service as a public school teacher, Ma’am Evelyn would finally set foot at Sta. Lucia Elementary School, a quaint learning institution situated at the center of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. This small school, oozing with that childhood energy and innocence, was built atop her family’s ancestral land.

“Kasi itong land area nitong school na ito, sa family namin nanggaling as donation. Kaya sabi ko nga, sa lahat ng school, ito ang pinakamahal ko (My family donated this land for the construction of this school. So among all schools, this is the one dearest to me),” she added.

In 2016, when Ma’am Evelyn reported for her first day however, a heart-wrenching sight welcomed her. Entering the school from the main gate, she saw a Banaba tree, and under its shade sat 25 or more Grade 2 students intently listening to their teacher.

Three years have passed and the Banaba tree has gone transformations to at least give some level of comfort to its 7-year-old patrons. First, a roof was built, then wooden walls and thin cement flooring were added to give the pupils a sense of a normal classroom set-up, she said.

In 2019, the community of Brgy. Sta. Lucia finally found a solution to address their problem. This community used cooperation and volunteerism to pave the way to finally end the years of having school children learning outside the four corners of a classroom.

CLASSROOM. This makeshift classroom under a banaba tree serves as the second home of the Grade 2 students in Sta. Lucia Elementary School.

Classroom Under a Tree

With a total land area of 2,188 sq. kms, Sablayan is considered as the largest municipality in the Philippines. Located at the central part of Occidental Mindoro, it is famous for the Apo Reef Marine Natural Park, the second largest contiguous coral reef in the world next to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Sablayan may be blessed with a one-of-a-kind natural wonder, but this laidback town hasn’t been exempted to one of the most pressing problems of the Philippine education system – the shortage of decent classrooms for students.

“Andun sa puno lang [sila nagkaklase]. Kapag umuulan, kawawa talaga ang mga bata, tumutulo syempre (They were conducting classes under a tree. When it rains, the roof starts to drip.),” said Ma’am Evelyn, pointing to the make-shift classroom which houses the Grade 2 pupils prior to the completion of the new building.

There were more or less 30 students sharing in the small space under the sturdy Banaba tree, she said. Its large trunk, moreover, looked like the classroom’s centrepiece – a wooden column planted in the center of the room. The children’s future had been literally depending on its branches for many years.

Imagine being a wide-eyed 7-year-old kid staying under a tree for eight hours, five times a week, rain or shine, learning the difference between a noun and a pronoun.

“Kasi kung malalaki ung ilalagay namin doon hindi sila kasya kaya maliliit ung nilagay namin doon (We couldn’t give the makeshift classroom to older students because they wouldn’t fit.),” said Ma’am Evelyn.

These Grade 2 pupils were the perfect tenants then, small enough to fit to the small space provided, yet big enough to take care of themselves when the rain drips from the clouds to the leaves and eventually find their way on their thin cement flooring.

Building School, Building Future

TURN OVER: The newly-constructed 1 unit, 2 classroom building has been formally turned-over to Sta. Lucia Elementary School

“Sobrang thankful kami na nagkaroon ng Kalahi, sobrang tuwang-tuwa ang mga teachers eh, kanina binisita nila ‘yan, ay meron ng ceiling fan, makakalipat na kami (We are very thankful for Kalahi, the teachers are very happy. We visited the new classroom earlier, there’s a ceiling fan already, we may be able to transfer soon),” said Ma’am Evelyn, pertaining to the 1 unit, 2 classroom building sub-project of the Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (Kalahi-CIDSS) program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

To date, Kalahi-CIDSS has a total of 206 sub-projects in the province of Occidental Mindoro, 48 of which are in Sablayan. The poverty alleviation program which uses the Community-Driven Development (CDD) approach ensures that community members are in the heart of decision-making especially in identification, prioritization, establishment, and operationalization of the community sub-projects.

In July 2019, the makeshift classroom under the Banaba Tree finally ceased to shelter the Grade 2 students of Sta. Lucia Elementary School. Due to the combined efforts of the community, the school, and the barangay and the municipal local government unit, having classes under a tree is now a thing of the past.

VOLUNTEERISM. Community volunteer Juanita Jarabe proudly posed in front of the school building she helped build.

“Madami pong naitulong [ang Kalahi] at malaki talaga. Ang pangunahing pangangailangan sa community, natutugunan po talaga. Tulad nitong classroom (Kalahi has helped us a lot. With Kalahi, we were able to address our most pressing concern, thus, this classroom),” said Juanita Jarabe, a community volunteer.

Juanita, and the rest of the 16 active community volunteers of Brgy. Sta Lucia, has ensured the smooth implementation of their new classroom worth a little over PHP 1.5 million. Complete with amenities such as tables and chairs, fans, and own restroom, the classroom was constructed from the combined budget of the stakeholders.

Kalahi-CIDSS total grant was at PHP 780,000, to which the municipal LGU gave a counterpart of PHP 500,000, the barangay LGU at PHP 250,000, and even the school has set aside PHP 36,000 from their budget.

For Ma’am Evelyn, the help of the community volunteers and the LGU officials has been vital for the realization of their dream to provide the students the facilities they deserved.

“Nagpapasalamat talaga kami kina Juanita, isa rin sa nagpursige na magkaroon talaga kami nito, sa mga konsehal, sa lahat na nag-counterpart (We are extremely grateful to Juanita and to other volunteers for their efforts, to the councillors as well, to everyone who provided counterpart),” she said.

Juanita, whose youngest child is currently enrolled at Sta. Lucia Elementary School, claimed that she finds volunteer work fulfilling.

“Sabi ko nga sa mga kasama ko masaya ako at nakakatulong ako at nalalaman ko yung mga pangunahing pangagailangan ninyo para magawan ng ng paraan para makahingi ng mga pondo katulad nyang school building (I told my co-volunteers that I am happy for extending a helping hand. At least we’ve identified the major concern and we were able to address it, asking for funds, if needed),” she said.

More than the infrastructure, the lessons imparted by the program has made the community volunteers more devoted to volunteering.

“’Yung mga katulad namin na ordinaryong mamamayan lang ay na-empower po, natuto kaming ipaglaban kung ano talaga ang aming mga karapatan dito sa community (Ordinary citizens, like me, were empowered. We’ve learned to fight for our rights),” Juanita added.

The product of the community’s collective effort is a safer, more conducive for learning classroom for the students – something that Ma’am Evelyn would be thankful for forever.

“Sabi ko nga ma-itransfer man ako bilang principal…masaya na ako kasi makikita ko ang mga bata na maayos ang kalagayan (If ever they have me transferred to other schools, I would still be happy knowing that I would be leaving the kids in a better condition),” Ma’am Evelyn added. ###

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Listahanan identifies 46k poor fisherfolks in MMAROPA

MALATE, Manila– According to the Listahanan of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), a total of 93,352 fisherfolks were identified in MIMAROPA region based on the 2015 household assessment.

From the figure, 49.8% or 46,523 fisherfolks aged 15 years old and above are poor.

May 31 is declared as the National Fisherfolks Day to give recognition to the rightful stewards and beneficiaries of our oceans and its natural resources as well as our lakes, gulfs, bays and other fishing areas.

Listahanan, a government mechanism to identify who and where the poor are, recorded Palawan province has the highest percentage of poor fisherfolks with 52.9% (29,998) followed by Occidental Mindoro with 51.7% (6,391); Romblon with 47.4% (4,006); Oriental Mindoro with 39.8% (3,723); and Marinduque with 36.9% (2,405).

Of the total identified poor fisherfolks, 95.8% (44,563) are male and 4.2% (1,960) are female.

In terms of educational attainment, 3.9% or 1,808 fisherfolks have no grade completed; 28.6% (13,310) of poor fisherfolks graduated from elementary; 12.3% (5,742) graduated from high school, and 0.2% (101) graduated from college.

Three Palawan towns have the most number of poor fisherfolks identified:  Balabac with 156, Taytay with 83 and Coron with 71.

As an intervention, DSWD has provided livelihood assistance to 23,987 fisherfolks regionwide under the Sustainable Livelihood Program amounting to P159 million since 2011.###

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DSWD MIMAROPA conducts forum for 2019 Listahanan assessment

MAKATI City– In preparation for the upcoming Listahanan 3rd Round Household Assessment this year, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) MIMAROPA has organized a Stakeholders’ Forum on February 8, 2019, for the Provinces of MIMAROPA Region.

The objective of the said forum is to establish commitment among the Listahanan stakeholders particularly on the four phases of project implementation.

This commitment setting between the DSWD and Listahanan partners is to ensure that the integrity of the database cannot be compromised due to various political or personal interventions of the DSWD field workers and even prominent personalities or institutions in the localities.

DSWD MIMAROPA OIC- Regional Director Floreceli Gunio emphasized in her message, that “the important roles and contributions of partners, particularly in building awareness, monitoring and airing or reporting of grievances, to ensure the accuracy of results and the integrity of the Listahanan database is paramount in all phases of Listahanan national household assessment.”

As such, DSWD partners also expressed their commitment by posting   Listahanan advocacy tarpaulins in their respective offices once the household assessment kicks-off for the public awareness and community participation.

In this Listahanan 3, there are   622,230 target households (HHs) for assessment, of which 95,122 HHs for Occidental Mindoro province; 186,616 HHs in Oriental Mindoro;  50,618 HHs in Marinduque; 65,436 HHs in Romblon; and 224,438 HHs in Palawan.

The target HHs are based on the result of the 2015 HHs Assessment and the 2015 official census of population by the PSA.

Listahanan is a government mechanism that identifies who and where the poor are nationwide where the national database of poor HHs are being updated every four years as mandated by executive order 867. The first round of household assessment was conducted in 2009 and the second assessment was in 2015.

Meanwhile, 1,175 field staff will be hired for this 3rd assessment to administer house-to-house interview of the target households.###


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DSWD Listahanan holds 1st DPO regional conference on datasharing

MANILA City-  The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) MIMAROPA through the Listahanan recently conducted the first Data Protection Officers (DPO) regional conference on February 6-7, 2019, along with the department’s data sharing protocols.

The regional DPO conference, in coordination with the National Privacy Commission (NPC), aims to orient the LISTAHANAN MIMAROPA partner stakeholders on salient provisions of the Data Privacy Act of 2012, enhance the data sharing mechanisms of LISTAHANAN, and assist the Listahanan partners in registration to the NPC DPO register.

Atty. Ivy Grace Villasoto of NPC emphasized that “Data Privacy Act or Republic Act No. 10173 protects individual personal information stored in information and communications systems of the government and the private sector. It aims to protect the fundamental human right to privacy while ensuring the free flow of information to promote innovation and growth”. NPC clarified that this does not limit the mobilization of people, instead, it inculcates the value of privacy in the government setting in the county.

The Regional DPO Conference is the first in the entire DSWD to call all DPOs for massive registration for the increased buy-in of Listahanan Database through the enhancement of Data Sharing Agreement, in which appointing of Data Protection Officer or DPO is one of the pre-requisite requirement in compliance with the privacy act.

RA 10173 defines personal information as any recorded information that would reveal the identity of an individual while sensitive personal information refers to an individual’s race, ethnic origin, marital status, age, color, and religious, philosophical or political affiliations, health, education, sexual life of a person, offenses, government-issued identification cards/numbers, and other classified information due to legal pronouncement.

Being one of the government agencies that process various sensitive and personal information of Filipinos benefitting various social protection programs, the DSWD wants to ensure the security of its systems.

“We at the government would like to preserve all information in the principle of confidentiality. Thus, the Listahanan Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is our mechanism to safeguard sensitive and personal information in compliance with the data privacy act,” said former DSWD MIMAROPA Director Wilma D. Naviamos.

Listahanan MOA is a requirement in the data sharing guidelines to all partners who wish to access the list of poor households.

The NPC also cited other five requirements in order to become privacy compliant (1) Appoint a Data Protection Officer who will ensure the organization’s compliance with data privacy and security laws and regulations and also plans, implements, and evaluates policies for data privacy and security.; (2) Conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment; (3) Create a Privacy Manual; (4) Implement Privacy and Data Protection Measure; and (5) Exercise Breach Reporting Procedures.

The Listahanan DPO Conference was attended by representatives from different national government agencies, MIMAROPA local government units, people from the academe, and civil society organizations. ###


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DSWD MIMAROPA kinilala ang mga iba’t ibang partners sa 2018 Gawad Listahanan

Mga representante mula sa iba’t ibang sangay ng pamhalaan at sektor ng lipunan.

ODIONGAN ROMBLON- Kinilala ng Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) – MIMAROPA Region ang ilang stakeholders at partners nito sa pamamagitan ng 2018 Gawad Listahanan na ginanap sa nasabing bayan nitong Martes, November 27.

Ang mga nasabing parangal at pagkilala na ibinigay ng DSWD-MIMAROPA ay bilang pasasalamat sa walang sawang pagsuporta sa mga awardee sa Listatahan database at iba pang proyekto ng nasabing departamento.

Ilan sa mga kinilala ng DSWD-MIMAROPA ay ang local government units ng Puerto Galera sa Oriental Mindoro; Brooke’s Point at Rizal sa Palawan; at ang Provincial Government ng Romblon dahil sa commitment ng mga ito sa DSWD na gamitin ang Listahanan databse.

Kinilala rin ang Philippine Statistics Authority-MIMAROPA, National Economic and Development Authority-MIMAROPA, at Philippine Health Insurance Corporation-MIMAROPA bilang pinaka-supportive na National Government Agency sa buong MIMAROPA.

Samantala, ang Romblon State University, Marinduque State College, Occidental Mindoro State College, Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology, Divine Word College of Calapan, Palawan State University – PPC Campus, Western Philippines University – Aborlan Campus, ay kinilala rin ng Department of Social Welfare and Development – MIMAROPA dahil sa suporta ng mga ito sa ginanap na 2015 Listahanan road show sa kanilang mga campus.

Pinarangalan rin ng DSWD-MIMAROPA ang Romblon News Network bilang Best Online Media Network sa MIMAROPA, dahil sa pagtulong nito sa departamento na ipaalam sa publiko ang mga programa, aktibidad, at accomplishments ng mga ito. Gayun rin ang government media na binubuo ng Philippine Information Agency – Romblon, Philippine Information Agency – Palawan, Philippine Information Agency – Oriental Mindoro, Radyo Pilipinas – Palawan, at Philippine News Agency – Palawan.

Samantala, kinilala rin bilang Romblon’s best Convergence Initiatives ang Municipal Action Team (MAT) ng bayan ng Odiongan, samantalang first runner-up ang MAT ng bayan ng Ferrol, sinundan ng MAT ng bayan ng Magdiwang at MAT ng bayan ng Santa Fe.

Ang Listahanan o kilala ring National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR) ay isang information management system kung saan pwedeng malaman ang mga miyembro ng poorest sector at kanilang mga lugar.

Malaking tulong umano ito sa national government agencies, at local government units sa pagtukoy ng posible nilang beneficiaries sa kanilang mga programa.

Source:  Romblon Network News

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DSWD MIMAROPA bags national award

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office MIMAROPA  was accorded the “Best Statistical Activity Conducted by a Government Organization” award during the closing ceremony of the 29th National Statistics Month (NSM) held on October 29 in Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas,  Manila City.

The award was given by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) under the 28th NSM Awards.

Jason Eco Oliverio, information officer for the Listahanan (Talaan ng Pamilyang Nangangailangan) of the regional field office, said they received the award for holding the “4th Listahanan Anti-Poverty Symposium” as part of the statistics month celebration on October 17, 2017, in Boac, Marinduque.

“Naging entry natin ‘yong symposium na ginagawa every October 17 to end poverty. Ngayong taon sa Romblon po ‘yong symposium natin,” Oliverio said.

The theme of the symposium last year that gave them the award in 2018 is “Answering the Call of October 7 to End Poverty: A Path Towards Peaceful and Inclusive Societies.”

The symposium was held in cooperation with the Marinduque State College (MSC) in commemoration of the United Nations (UN) International Day for the Eradication of Extreme Hunger and Poverty.

He said it is a call “to end extreme hunger and poverty along with the Listahanan initiatives in increasing the awareness of MIMAROPA residents on the regional profile of the poor, providing all stakeholders a solid and evidenced-based statistics according to the nationwide household assessment results.”

“Receiving the award means the DSWD MIMAROPA Listahanan has shown significant and distinct initiatives and contributions to popularizing statistics through the holding of symposiums that give a face to their content,” he said.

Oliverio said through the Listahanan’s collected statistical data, local government units (LGUs) can be helped to make sound decisions to address extreme hunger and poverty effectively.

Based on the Listahanan 2015 database, out of 584,562 households assessed and validated regionwide, an estimated 221,324 or 39 percent have been identified as poor.

Of the total number, there are 55,363 poor households in Oriental Mindoro; 39,182 in Occidental Mindoro; 14,051 in Marinduque; 20,777 in Romblon; and 91,951 in Palawan.###

Source: Palawan News

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